August 01, 2017


Do the words 'collage' and 'handpainted paper' take you back to long gone days of creative expression at school when you were about 10? 
Well...I must say, they did to me. Until I entered Sanne Busk's atelier in Essaouira.

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I was still high on colour from my visit to Salut Maroc when I got infused with more playful vibrancy!  

Sanne Busk is from Denmark, but fell in love with Morocco, where she is living now. Busk is a full-time artist working in collage with hand painted paper.  The colours of Sanne’s art are mixed together in stunning, playful and sunny collages that unveil her passion for her work.  
Taking home a souvenir like this is like taking home a little piece of Moroccan sunshine and appetite for life.

Besides being a gifted artist and designer, Sanne offers workshops in Essaouira.
From 1 hour up till 2 to 4 days, depending on what it is you want to achieve.  She will focus on helping you to discover your own creativity.
In a workshop, you learn how to make collage art with hand painted paper.
Collage is one of the easiest ways to get started in mixed-media art and really everyone can try it and have fun.  It's an easy, fast, and very satisfying mode of artistic expression. There are no rules to play by and you might end up taking your own ray of sunshine home!
I know for sure I'm going to try it out! Anyone else wants to join?

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