May 10, 2017

TRAVELLING MOROCCO? 3 selections to always rest your head on the right pillow. coco-morocco...

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The Mr & Mrs: When luxury is your second name

Are you the people that would prefer to take their own butler? The ones that appreciate the small luxuries and a stay where you probably meet some friends from lasts year's cruise?
This is our selection for you. We try our best to discover the new luxury addresses so you will be the first to tell your network at the next coctailparty.

Ethnic Chic: The sounds and colours of African tribes

You discover Morocco with all of your senses. In fact you are looking for this unique piece of art in every shop where you hear the sounds of a drum. You have Africa on your to do list for a while and thought kicking off in Morocco! You are the kind of hipster who knows what to combine and on your instagram you follow at least 20 accounts that export tribal goods to the fancy people all over the globe.

Home from Home: That feeling when you pass the doorstep 

You love to go on a holiday, and when you like it somewhere, you could not think of a reason to not return there again for at least a year or two. It's all about the feeling, the scent of home baked and relaxing moments reading a good book in the shade...maybe even fall asleep...
Catch my drift? This is our selection for you!
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Ken je dat gevoel?  

Je hebt iets waar je wat mee kan voor je lieve lezers, maar je hebt eigenlijk altijd net een excuus om iets anders te doen dan je hier eens goed in te verdiepen. Zo was het gesteld  met onze lijst van favoriete adresjes.
Coco's Caractère Selection.  Het lievelingetje dat er na al die jaren nog altijd voor spek en bonen bij hangt...

Maar ...laat daar nu eindelijk verandering in komen!
Jeanna Gabellini, sprak in één van haar online coachings erover dat het de moeite loont om je te verdiepen in die stukjes waar je passie zit. Gelijk heeft ze!
Mijn passie?

Karaktervolle hotels, gastenwoningen en restaurants bezoeken waar de sfeer, de service en de ambiance kloppen. Belangrijke criteria wanneer je je lieve geld aan een exotisch weekendje weg in Marokko besteedt.

Dus weldra hier!
Per stad geselecteerd en in drie categorieën onze toppers, getest en goedgekeurd en steeds weer bijgewerkt als we wat nieuws ontdekken!

Do you know the feeling?You have something that has a potential to serve your readers, but you always happen to have an excuse to get your hands onto something else and keep procrastinating.  This was the case with our list of favourite addresses.  
Coco's Caractère Selection. That little item that just never seemed to blossom...

But ... things are changing! 
I had one of these 'aha' moments listening to Jeanna Gabellini in an online coaching. Focus and deepen your attention for the things you are passionate about. YES!My passion?
Visiting characterful hotels, guest houses and restaurants where the atmosphere, service and ambiance are true. Important topics when spending your money on an exotic weekend in Morocco.

Soon online here!  Our hot favourites, selected per city and per category changing according to our discoveries...

The cities:



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