November 10, 2016


coco-morocco, travel, Chefchaouen
wondering the medina of Chefchaouen

Travelling Morocco is an ultimate experience.  To us it's also part of our job.
Checking photo galleries with reality.
Communicating time and time again because clear communication seems to be a major point of problem and frustration.
Matching travellers with the hotel that fits their needs.

And last but not least, giving a fair, correct review.

Why a review?
Because we think there is a gap between promise and reality on a lot of places. And most of all, there is a lack of continuity.

Our reviews:
Our reviews our in no way sponsored and we want to keep it like this.

We'll kick off with:
- a potential hipster spot in the Marrakech' Medina.
- a best budget with good and steady service in Rabat.
- a 3rd year best hotel in Meknes.
- an example on communication struggle
- high hopes that were not fulfilled in Fez
- the discovery of our tour in Bhalil (can we go back for breakfast?)
- a place that truly overwhelmed us having low expectations in Ouzoud.

stay tuned for part Marrakech to Chefchaouen and find out all about it!

And let's get in the mood with a short impression of the trip.


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