August 09, 2016


Marrakech, jardin secret, sunset, cafe arabe

I woke up before the call for prayer!

I was sweating and the only thing that added to some comfort in the room was the fan.
The cock at the rooftop some houses away had reduced his daily performance to one, before sunrise.
Still sleepy, my thoughts wandered off to one of the books of Gabriel García Márquez,  'no one writes the colonel'
Books about heat, discomfort, and living at the edge always had been attracting me.

I was laying on the bed, listening to the early morning sounds before the light and the devastating heat. A bird and a far away donkey were all I could hear...peaceful sounds as messengers for another hot day to come.

My mind was shifting options between staying another day in Marrakech, knowing that there was not much more to do then meditating and reflecting, or taking the bus back to Essaouira in the afternoon.

Realising that I loved both options I decided to rise and do some early morning work while the sun was not paralysing the city.

At 9,  I left and passed the small atelier of Ahmed, my neighbour who is manufacturing my shoes. He was having a bread and olive oil breakfast with one of his employees that they happily shared with me. The heat inside the open room was already unbearable but they did not seem to bother.

I knew I had to go if I wanted to make it to a bus today.

Passing the Bab Doukkala area I noticed the butchers hanging their meat outside the shops. It looked fresh, but I wondered for how long...

I had no luck finding a bus. I relaxed and felt it was good the way it was.
The heat was overwhelming and it was as if all my senses were in a state of super awareness. I loved it.
The gallery at the Supratours ticket office offered some shadow and I decided I wanted to take the challenge to walk home again.

I had run out of money and due to the heat, all cash machines were out of order. With my last 10 Dirham, I bought a bottle of water.

I realised how happy this simple fact made me feel....
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