April 24, 2016


The theme of TEDx Marrakech for this year will be 'COEXISTENCE OR NO EXISTENCE''. They could not have chosen something more on spot.

In our fast changing society, working together, sharing ideas and community sense are becoming key words.  Co-existence is more then ever the only way to grow. Whatever business you are in, joining forces and having a common vision is what can make you or break you.

Coco-Morocco's goal is to focus on this. Being a  display of what's going on at a level of design architecture travel cuisine...with one major goal: visibility!

The hardest struggle is to get this mindset into the sweet spot of all these entrepreneurs.
You build a brand* by working together and not by competing one another.

Let's work together, let's build a strong brand, let's put some effort in it for the well being of everyone.
Only by developing a strategy and a master plan you will have control over how this town* will develop.

The choice is yours! Don't wait until others make it for you!

*a brand can be anything ,  it can be an event, a city, the hotel world....

Until we meet over a glass of mint tea
X Marlene

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