February 04, 2016


Nowadays there's a shift, probably the first major one, going on here in Essaouira. The first generation of enthusiastic trendsetters, buying houses in the late 60ies and 70ies is leaving the Medina to look for something smaller with less stairs or returns to Europe to be closer to the grandchildren. About 80% however keeps a little 'pied-a-terre' in Morocco. So being able to be part of this shift is quite exiting as this brings in new blood, new ideas and also new money. There is a positive vibration and the 'old gang' is getting replaced by young entrepreneurs with their families.
-This shift is also taking place in Marrakech by the way.-
I'm feeling privileged to be here just in this time shift. People tend to remark that times might be not so good to try to sell property at this moment with everything that's going on politically.
But I want you to look back to the time when these first invaders on the property front came here! The world was not so much different. But they, probably not knowing, made one of the best investments ever.Never let fear rule your emotions, not even when it come to buying real estate! 

Until we meet over a minttea!
X Marlène

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