November 06, 2015


Remember the last two articles on ‘determine Your target group’ and ‘qualify Your prospects’? Two articles in a series of four on the topic: your target audience.
(Make sure you have read these before starting on this one).

SO, after you've determined your target market and qualified your prospects - it's time for the next step. to connect with them, and build a lasting relationship. Too many entrepreneurs believe that once someone shows interest in their business, product or service, they should do everything to 'convert' this prospect as quickly as possible into a paying customer.

This tactic rarely works and might even push prospects away from you, exactly the opposite of what you want!
Once someone qualifies as a prospect by showing interest in what you have to offer - it is up to you to build that relationship with him or her. Or ... as in other terms:


Building a business relationship is no different than any other relationship. You have to start the conversation and keep busy. And once you are together in conversation, the ball keeps rolling ...
The more often and the more places you, your company or your Guesthouse interact with your target audience (clients) ... the better. We are talking about real 'COMMITMENT' and involvement.

Some examples of engagement with your target group:

Publishing a blog post with everything that is happening in town might be interesting but is NO interaction with any specific added value for your target audience.
Giving an overview and a platform to talk art related to a specific exhibition in town (if your audience is in the art-scene) IS.

Interaction is possible in many ways!

Where are they, where do they belong to, what memberships do they pay for?

- Are they a member of a wine tasting club?
- An art gallery?
- Opera or theater addicts?
- What are their hobbies and where do they practice it?
- Do they belong tot a cooking club for men?
- Are beauty and spa centers their way to spend their leisure time?
- Is holistic life approach something that gets them going?


Depending on their lifestyle, ask them for comments, tips, Facebook or Instagram likes, retweets. Share an offer, tag a photo on Facebook, complete a survey, etc.

Make sure to offer them value!

You see, there are many opportunities to start the interaction with your target audience.
The more you engage with your prospects AND even more important, they engage with you - the better they get to know you, come to like and trust you ... and the easier it is for them to decide to book with you, refer their friends to you and give you a good referral.

Do I mean by this that you have to interact with every single one of them? NO!

We are talking about an audience, a group, a tribe! Does that makes it simple? NO. (I’m honest and have been doing it several times, it IS something you have to build up, but once it’s going and rolling it’s yours and no-one can take it away)

Why is getting the conversation going that hard?

We all want to interact with each other, it is a human need. And yet ... most people do not just engage in a dialogue with companies or organizations. So your job is to encourage your prospects to interact from the very first contact, during the process and ALSO, and here is where most of us go keep the conversation going! preferably on your site, if not then on your FB page!

Yes, comments and reviews on and Tripadviser are a ‘MUST’ nowadays but I notice that it is a torture for many Guesthouses to handle and live up to the criteria for high or low ranking as they are not very transparent and not very fair either.

I know for many of you these rankings have become a goal on its own right now, rather than worrying about what is really important.


A Facebook page or a blog linked to your website and where you get as personal as possible to communicate with them is the ultimate place to do this.
And if one then obviously your blog.

Why an own blog is important over a FB page?

Because interactions on a Facebook page only increase the ranking of Facebook. Interactions on your blog, however, make sure that not only your blog, but your site climbs up the ranking !!

AND by this easier to be found!

Upcoming:  the fourth article in this series "your audience."
The subject: the most important interaction of all.
I'm curious about your results and hope to meet you again next time as a reader!

Feeling stucked or not knowing where to start?

On to enjoying your success,
Marlène - Social Media Catalyst

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