October 02, 2015


Why You should choose a very clear target Audience  AND focus on it?

Having visited around 200 riads in Essaouira and Marrakech in the last 3 years, made me realize it’s not always the most stylish places that are doing the best business. Neither the ones that try to end up high in all the trending booking or referal sites.
NO, the ones that have the best results are the ones the emotionally and mentally connect strongest to their clients.
They know what their clients want and expect, and they deliver just that.
Happy clients that have the same expectations are easiest to please and will refer their like-minded friends at home....

You may be thinking:
Yeah, why ... everyone can benefit from my holiday home, no? And if not everyone might like it, then, surely every woman, every solo traveler or every art collector, etc.

'ANY ...' is the word that kills your business!

The wider you target, the less you appeal to people and the more you become just ‘one of them...’ (how many riads do we have in Essaouira and Marrakech?
If you want to be everything to everyone, you end up as nothing to anyone.
If you narrow your group, not only can you serve them a lot better, but you can adapt your interior and overall marketing concept to meet their taste, their needs and their behaviors.
I see a lot of riads decorated after the taste of the owner or manager. A good riad is decorated after the taste of the audience that it is meant to serve!

So how do we select a target audience? 

Besides the fact that there must be some kind of a personal connection and motivation to just wanting to serve this specific group,
it is mainly a combination of three factors:
1. Demographics
A selection of the following (and similar) statistical factors: gender, age, education, income, marital status, region of residence, etc.

2. What problem/challenge do you resolve or what is the benefit that you can offer them.
You could have an atelier space where painters could go and work.
You could have rooms with seperate terraces so that families with young children could spend time in the privacy of their own space.
You might be able to have wheelchair accessible rooms with adapted bathrooms and a wonderful airy patio to enjoy breakfast.
Or maybe you have this breath taking meditation area with ocean view?

3. Psychographics
Psychographics comes to lifestyle choices, interests and preferences, buying habits, etc.
You might focus on the young carreerwoman who is in for a wellness trip and wants to return home completely rejuvinated.
You might want to attrack the international worldtravelers who like basic accomodation and LOVE to have shared evenings on the terrace to share and learn from each other.
Or why poets find your place attractive because of the weekly poetry and storytelling evenings?

When you find the sweet spot between demographics, psychographics and the problem that you solve ... then you put your business on the track to success!!!

Do you want to know and find out more about choosing your target market and how to effectively communicate with them so that you are the most important (or even single) supplier out there to meet their needs?

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Next time we will handle the topic: qualifying your prospects.

On to enjoying your success,

Marlène - Coco-Morocco