October 21, 2015


Do you remember "Determining Your target audience”, the first article in a four-part series on the subject of your target audience? 

Not clearly defining a target audience is a major cause of failure of a business and not just in the hotel world. However not QUALIFYING your prospects is even more harmful.

What do I mean by this?

An example.
Suppose you have determined your target group as 50+ ladies that will be working a week on their overall well being in your hotel. The magic number ’50’ inspires them to a new and fresh start. You see the potential in this fast growing group and have contacted the best coaches and trainers and a star chef is engaged. All of them ready to deliver top performances every day in all areas to deliver up to the expectations that your clients will have and that YOU want to realise. You will only use the best organic products from the region, and finally the day has come to reveal the new concept.

You invest in a strong marketing campaign, newsletters and advertisements. You clearly targeted on 50+ females and.....you get loads of enthusiastic replies, mails, phones.... but only a few single bookings ...

Everyone loves it, talks about it, is telling you “YES, I want to do this!” but nobody actually makes the booking! Because they can’t or don’t want to pay the price tag attached to it ....
Disillusion? Wrong concept? 

You did believe that you have the solution for your target audience? 

And you thought the result would automatically follow once people heard of your offer? 

Where did it go wrong...

What these women want is a fit mind, well-trained body and self confidence. 
What they need is dedication, perseverance and .... in the above example:
the money to make that booking!
So here is were we come to...

Qualify your prospects!

In the article “target group determination” I advised you to choose a small, clearly defined niche, an audience that really wants your product or service.
That was a first small nuance ....
Today I ask you to narrow that niche even further to qualify those people who will ALSO buy your product or service.

Does that mean you ‘ll have to ignore the ‘wannabe’s’?

No, both groups are important and you NEED both and for different reassons, BUT they should be approached in a different way. Where one is a first-line target client, the far larger group is the one that you have to work on and give them a chance/time/carreer to grow and become a client.

They second group might:
- have to work on being able to visualise the result well enough to book (and here is where you can help them)
- trust you on being able to deliver what you promised (and here is where you can help them again)
and finally
- have money to make that booking!

Getting them as triggered about your offer as an apple addict is about a new iPhone or iPad...that's the goal for you!


To qualify prospects, ask yourself these questions:
Who will - in all likelihood - buy what you have to offer?
Who is most easily reached and can afford your product or service?
With your answer to these questions you will concentrate on a smaller group (which can be quite scary at first) - but will be the right group ... for you!

Next time you can expect the third article in this series 'your target audience’.
The topic: start Interacting with your target audience.
I'm curious about your results and hope to meet you again next time as a reader!

On to enjoying your success,
Marlène - Social Media Catalyst

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