July 14, 2015


It's summer here, it's hot. I mean it's hot during the day, hot during the night and hot the next day. And many more days to come. I don't complain, it's just a fact and I LOVE the fact that I know for sure it's summer. If I can't make it to the pool today, well, there is always the next day :). Even a cloudy day is perfect for some refreshment. Evenings after 8 are to take  walk, meet friends and have drinks. Not only because it has 'cooled' down a little by then, but not the least because the fasting is over for the day and everyone seems to be outside until way past midnight.
So what can you do on a warm day in Marrakech? Pool time of course and here are some favourite riads with a pool. Be sure to check on that when you stay here in summer!
demeure d'orient

Maison Arabo Andalouse

 riad Chergui

 riad Charai

riad noir d'ivoire

although not in hot Marrakech, l'Heure Bleue in Essaouira

riad Lyla

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