July 21, 2015


Going to a farm, being with animals, it brings out the kid in me! 

And that was what happened last Sunday when I was surrounded by pigs, cows, chickens, goats, doves, donkeys, horses, ducks....amongst 2 ha of pomegranates and olive trees. I felt like when I was living at the countryside in Flanders. Only, this time it was at an altitude of 1300m outside Marrakesh with in front the majestic High Atlas peaks of around 4000m. Swimming pool, a gorgeous lunch with homegrown vegetables everything biological. 
I can assure you...you don't have to have kids to enjoy all of this. But when you do have, they feel in heaven. Especially with all the workshops going on. From mud building to henna painting and donkey rides.
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July 15, 2015

BOHO ESSAOUIRA or why Londoners tend to be trendsetters once again!

direct flights from London to Essaouira! How cool is this to spend your weekend? 

At about a 3 hours flight on Friday morning and return on Monday it has become  THE PERFECT beach destination to go for!
1) there's nothing to compare it with within Europe.
2) it's a full package with culture, beach, fantastic food, surf and party all in one.
3) you can get the best designer couture all made for you! (look in my free e-book!!!)
4) it's the closest far away destination ever and concerned safer by international Assurance companies then some European countries!
5) it's AFRICA!!!! Think about your colleagues when you say at work you just came home from a weekend Africa :)
6) it does feel like home a little bit. Souiri's have been ruled by so many European countries that there is this eclectic natural mingle of both worlds.
7) it's always the perfect weather. there might be (a lot of) wind, but that's why the surfers come here in the first place. Protected in a sunny corner you will be happy the wind is there to refresh you :)
8) It has the best golf course in Morocco!
9) sharpen your cooking techniques and take a cooking workshop! there are plenty for everyone!
10) Tourism needs you! The small businesses in Essaouira depend on tourism. Families live from what they make in the small Medina shops.

So that are my reasons and I did not even mention the Hamam, the Berber Market in Had Dra, the wine estate of Essaouira, The goat cheese coop, the trending restaurant scene....and these gorgeous places that welcome you to spend the night!

all pictures Jack's apartments.

July 14, 2015


It's summer here, it's hot. I mean it's hot during the day, hot during the night and hot the next day. And many more days to come. I don't complain, it's just a fact and I LOVE the fact that I know for sure it's summer. If I can't make it to the pool today, well, there is always the next day :). Even a cloudy day is perfect for some refreshment. Evenings after 8 are to take  walk, meet friends and have drinks. Not only because it has 'cooled' down a little by then, but not the least because the fasting is over for the day and everyone seems to be outside until way past midnight.
So what can you do on a warm day in Marrakech? Pool time of course and here are some favourite riads with a pool. Be sure to check on that when you stay here in summer!
demeure d'orient

Maison Arabo Andalouse

 riad Chergui

 riad Charai

riad noir d'ivoire

although not in hot Marrakech, l'Heure Bleue in Essaouira

riad Lyla