June 16, 2015


I'm a little upset as I write this article because I just saw the trailer of one of these sensation seeking
programs on Belgian TV about Marrakech.
'Als je een hond wil slaan vind je altijd wel een stok' is an expression in Dutch. If you want to beat a dog you will always find something to do so.
Morocco is a different but beautiful country, and YES, people sometimes ask crazy prices and make up stories that you want to believe, but there is no one who forces you to buy nor pay nor close the deal for anything!
And if you DO end up buying, paying, regretting things, than look and go within yourself and ask yourself why you closed the deal at all!
We Belgian expats are making a short film and introduction to Marrakech the way we see it...soon in
Jackisback in Roeselare.
If you want to see another view on Marrakech and Morocco go here

So let me distract myself and you with some Belgian beauty to get in balance again :)!
Riad Safa, in the Moukef area. Now in Dutch hands and and ran as a guesthouse.
When I entered the house I felt the Belgian vibe, don't ask me why, but it is as if the mainly Flemish
architecture is based on this contemporary mix of raw and natural wood combined with subtle tones of white, black and earth colours. Mix all this with a 'no concession' attitude of the new owners and you have a place where style, comfort and relaxation are among the top priorities. I could also mention the Hammam and the massage zone at the roof. The Jacuzzi with the view over the Atlas mountains. The fantastic fish tagine and more that can be prepared for you for dinner....but GO AND DISCOVER yourself and do not let ONE be it maybe convincing tv program scare you off. WE are here to help you with whatever problem that might come your way!
Come and enjoy Morocco and Marrakech as it is. A wonderful inspiring place where you will get to know yourself a little more...
Want to buy this riad? it's on the Market at MogadorHomeResort
copyright pictures: coco-morocco

pictures taken june 2015 credits:coco-morocco 

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