May 22, 2015


Since I live in Marrakech it seems I only get to see the fun,sun and ocean part of Essaouira whenever I visit. (and that is often 😄)

I get my half hour barefoot walking on the beach to balance something  Synnove Holte said I should do, and as I love to feel the sand and the water playing with my feet, I don't mind at all!
I go and have breakfast,sometimes at 3p.m. (but they know me by now) in the little cafe beside Restaurant Mogador. Only for their home-made bread and their delicious Amlou. And while I'm enjoying my food I watch the scenery of every day Moroccan, or is it Souiri, life.
And then, to finish my day with a little zen moment I go to LE SIMOUN, to sit and be in what you could call 'in between moments'. Sitting there with the ocean in front of me, the blue sky and the waves, there is nothing else that could get me in a more 'zen state of mind'. For a mini moment I don't think, I don't feel I just am....
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