Friday, May 22, 2015


Since I live in Marrakech it seems I only get to see the fun,sun and ocean part of Essaouira whenever I visit. (and that is often 😄)

I get my half hour barefoot walking on the beach to balance something  Synnove Holte said I should do, and as I love to feel the sand and the water playing with my feet, I don't mind at all!
I go and have breakfast,sometimes at 3p.m. (but they know me by now) in the little cafe beside Restaurant Mogador. Only for their home-made bread and their delicious Amlou. And while I'm enjoying my food I watch the scenery of every day Moroccan, or is it Souiri, life.
And then, to finish my day with a little zen moment I go to LE SIMOUN, to sit and be in what you could call 'in between moments'. Sitting there with the ocean in front of me, the blue sky and the waves, there is nothing else that could get me in a more 'zen state of mind'. For a mini moment I don't think, I don't feel I just am....
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Friday, May 15, 2015


One month ago, I was travelling between Marrakech and Taroudant. Passing Asni with a quick visit at Kasbah Tamadot where the setting of the Kasbah was simply impressive. The next day while passing Asni we suddenly got sight at the Barrage Ouirgane in the most wonderful blue colour, water ever revealed to me. I was hypnotised and the only thing I could think of was to be in a hotel with a view like this.....

Little did I know...

Until I arrived at this wonderful spot tucked away in the lower hills of the High Atlas mountains Yesterday....There it was, my dream under construction. Sleek cubistic architecture where traditional Moroccan techniques, design and materials are being brought together in a totally contemporary mix. Impressing me most was the vision from the designer. Inside and outside reinforce each other with amazing views throughout the hotel, the infinity pool and the panoramic suites. The terrace is definitely the most amazing place I have been on for a long time. It feels like floating somewhere in the sky between the hills with backdrops of the High Atlas and the Barrage Ouirgane in the valley.
But there is much more to it!
13 villa's built in the same contemporary style, designed to harmonise with both the hotel and surrounding nature.
Private plots that can use the facilities of the hotel.
The last 3 villa's, two 2-rooms and a very exclusive 3 room will now come on the market and we are lucky enough to be able to offer them to you! 10 villa's are already purchased by an international public that saw the  potential already from the very beginning. They will undoubtedly see there investment increase when the hotel will open for public early 2016.
These last three villas are on the market as of £329,000 with 148m2 on ground level, 1360m2 plot Full ownership, full property management available a.o. !
More info HERE

Why we believe in this concept:
Everything starts with a vision. This vision is about sustainability and durable entrepreneurship.
We at Coco-Morocco love projects like this because creating a win-win situation is what it is all about when starting a project in a protected area.
Preserving the balance between environment and the impact it has to do well for the locals is an ongoing process, one that the developers are willing to take, to continue with and to expand.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We were asked to be partners in the sell of this beautiful authentic Riad in the Kasbah of Marrakech.
Arabic, Andalusian and Jewish details mingle in what can be considered as one of the few authentic houses in this style so well preserved....
The Italian owners were in love with the story of the place, the mix of history that it carries within.
The location is TOP with the terrace overlooking the old (UNESCO HERITAGE) walls of the El Badi Palace and in a quiet alley with only a 10 minutes walk to Place Jemaa El Fna and easy access for cars.

My +++
- I love the 8 spacious rooms where even the smaller ones feel like huge compared to the average Medina riad.
- there are 2 patio's , a lush garden patio with pool and a covered patio that centers the winter rooms.
- two of the suites have their own private terrace.
- the building has a douria (a house within) with a separate entrance and this puts huge potential to the use of the building! Think service entrance, deliveries, cooking classes, restaurant...The area is in need of good restaurants. the Kasbah is starting to boom with quality guesthouses but the restaurant scene is poor yet!
My ---
- Personally I think some new added style elements are ready to take away. It are no structural works but a facelift rather then make-over.
- the covered patio takes, due to the way it is build more light then necessary. something I would reconsider.
But having that said I think this place is worth a serious thought when you are thinking Medina Real Estate in Marrakech!
For all info HERE or a visit: contact me

Friday, May 08, 2015


'We invite you to one of our special Spa treatments' that was the message I got from the Royal Mansour Spa in Marrakech.
'Sounds good' I thought while getting my focus on ONE thing. Getting around the place and making lots of pictures to share with you!
I should have known....
'Some secrets are for whispering'... in other words..., the moment you enter this magical place, (oh YES, I still remember the magic), you become overwhelmed and under the spell...
It you like me, love design, distinguished style and service or,  just simple privacy, it is all part of the secret. There is a certain scent in the air, a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that makes you feel like "let's just enjoy and we are here to take care of you".
After I got my massage, the massage is worth a blogpost on it's own because magic happened again and I can honestly say that while I 'm not able to afford this luxury weekly, I SURE am going to book another one soon!  I went through all kinds of physical states after having a deep-tissue massage given to me by lovely Pramuk, who I want to say 'thank you' for all the great care and attention she put into it.  The result is that I feel rebalanced again! My hip problem is almost gone and this after just one treatment.

And several months later, after taking care of my body, the problems I had are gone!!!
I Love Royal Mansour!!

So sorry everyone for not having more pictures on this wonderful magical 5 star resort so well hidden inside the Medina walls, but this gives you an idea on how this place really does what it claims.
'Some secrets are for whispering'...

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