March 20, 2015


APRIL  18 to 23 2015. THE TOUR IS ON!
UPDATE: Only 2 rooms left!  the last places available!

6 days 5 nights including a luxury desertcamp !

Before the mountain snow will have disappeared I want to take you touring with me at an exceptional price!
I managed to get the resorts with the best mountain views and spectacular scenery's all in one tour, and what's more...There is one over the top luxurious Glamping included to end our trip in style!

A 6 days trip to the most spectacular mountain view resorts around Marrakesh.
! 5 nights, 
! 5 different views and lots of time to relax and enjoy a balanced mix of city and nature!

FOUR lovely inspiring hotels  1 LUXURIOUS glamping!!!!! 
! Twice room with breakfast , 
! 3 times Half board. 
! transportation From and to Marrakesh included
! driver and transport during trip included.

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Maybe these pictures with the view from some of the resorts can convince you...Remember what's all included:
FOUR lovely inspiring hotels AND 1 LUXURIOUS glamping!!!!! 
! Twice room with breakfast , 
! 3 times Half board. 
! transportation From and to Marrakesh included
! driver and transport during trip included.

March 13, 2015


Time after time I get impressed about what you discover behind the front door here in Morocco. So I got invited to visit another house for sale and it really matched the owner, a stylish flamboyant man with plans to combine the best of Morocco with Africa. Keeping some real estate here and excited about his newly bought condo in Barcelona.
Time for this beauty to get a new owner. 3 comfortable apartments, a sunny artistic studio on the terrace and a garage. Perfectly possible to live and rent out at the same time. offering you a good monthly revenue.
For more info HERE
Contact me if you are seriously interested! 
Asking price: 280 000 Euro 

March 06, 2015


Do you love Safari style as a fashion project? Does the film 'Out of Africa" make you almost want to grasp your straw hat?
But does the thought of eco-resort and sleeping in some kind of wilderness makes you opt for: 'lets try that next year' ...
I have some good news for you, and it is called LA PAUSE.
At about 30 kilometres Southwest of Marrakech, in a beautiful desolate area surrounded by nature and not that far from Toubkal National Park in what once was called the « Désert Marrakchi », (the Marrakech desert). It is a place for me-time, meditation and joy. When I want to escape Marrakech for a day, that is the direction we take!
It's an area still unspoiled with no 'well known' tourist attractions but that is all you want . peace, serenity and comfort....and a million stars at night!
all pictures copyright La Pause 

March 03, 2015


Every time I see a boucherouite, I can't help thinking what was going on in a woman's mind while creating the carpet.

Was she happy to create?
Was she worried because she had to keep her family warm?
Was she bored to make another carpet out of tiny pieces of fabric?
Were her dreams far beyond making these carpets being a child?

No one will ever know, but fact is that a lot of dreams, disillusions and hopes must have passed in the hours sitting , thinking and creating....
It is a passion of me to try and read the carpet. Sometimes it seems a story to be continued, and other look like a repetitive act of making small squares in wich one can relax and wander of in his mind while turning fabrics into colorfull pieces of art...

I always handle them with respect, respect for the soul of the person behind...
With every carpet we sell we help to make a dream come through 

Thank you already, everyone who helped us getting the counter ticking. We hope to hand over a nice sum at the end of this year!
You can find our carpets HERE