November 12, 2014


Trying out new places in a week when hubby is out of town and besty is staying for a short holiday is THE moment, don't you agree :). So we where out, like 'MAJOR out' last week. My must visit list was as long as my arm and this place will get a 4 star in my 'Little black book' on Essaouira. No better way to posh up your visit to Essaouira on the level of eating with all of your senses then at ONE UP in Derb Laalouj.  And when we had finished our delicious dinner...we still couldn't leave because the music was sooooo cool and funky and, right,  did I tell you about the must see toilets already?
I could say, having no permit for alcohol YET, that could have tempered my enthusiasm. But it didn't. After all Taros was waiting :) with more fun.
My photos are not of the best quality because taken with my phone, but that makes it all the more a surprise when visiting!
Look UP to find the sign, because the restaurant is exactly...1 UP
interior: ****
food: ****
ambiance: ****
price /quality: ****

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