September 12, 2014

CHEZ LE PACHA M'hamid ***

The Sahara is a place that makes one dream of sand dunes, dromedaries, starry nights and tents.
But, if besides this, some comfort and luxury are on your wish list, then the little 'village' of M'Hamid has some fine hotels that can offer you just that.
I happened to stay at 'Chez le Pacha'

The owner is very passionate about building and decorating and a lot of the design is done by him.
Different styles of architecture with one key element: mud building. I loved to stay in the African lodges and I was surprised about how good it felt to sleep in a mud dwelling.

Breakfast is a feast be sure to get a place at one of the many terraces or nomad tents or why not beside the astonishing pool.

Dinner did not measure up to what I expected and the main reason I guess is that there are no restaurants around so hotels don't feel a pressure to invest in a little more creativity.
But besides this, life is great at the edge of the Sahara!

interior: ****
food: **
ambiance: ****
price /quality: ***

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