September 04, 2014


No....I'm not talking about what all 'could' happen
on a patio after lounging with a good glass of wine and seeing the sun go down with some nice shilling music...I'm talking about
my love for patio's since I was a little child I was drawing houses.
My favorite one was what I called 'the Roman' house. I was at the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren at age 7 and when I came back the only thing I was talking about where these amazing drawings on houses I had seen.
I asked for black paper and  with a pencil I designed the most amazing patio houses, admiring the silver shimmer on the black paper at night with my designs hanging on my bedroom wall.
Growing up i still loved drawing houses, still love black backgrounds and still love patio's. How lucky could i be to arrive in this country where almost everyone enjoys a patio!

picture source: HERE and HERE
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