September 25, 2014


Now that we are in the DIY mood,
let's give you a little introduction in how to make your own lime putty , lime plaster lime paint.
You can use it to cover your self constructed terrace bench, your wardrobe, your kitchen counters....
Depending on how you want to use it, you have to make it thicker, put hair to it or just apply it as a finisher with a brush. You can leave it white or you can put colored pigments in it (ALWAYS WITH WARM WATER) when working with lime ALWAYS protect your hands because it is rather aggressive. Also watch out if you buy dry pigments . Protect yourself with a mouth mask or buy at stores where they can give you good advice. Use on damp surface, always have a spray bottle with water to help you.
HERE a tutorial on how to make your lime mixture yourself!

you can either opt for a washed off effect or paint several times (and) put on a finisher.



A beautiful house in el Jadida with old lime paint (here in Morocco painting is a job every 2 year)

Chateau de Moissac
A Belgian farmhouse I guess, can't find the picture source.

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