August 29, 2014


Often when we go on holiday in Morocco, we tend to stay in a riad. Riads once were the houses for families where generations lived together en women and men slept separately in the typical long and narrow rooms all centered around the courtyard.

But what can you expect when house hunting?  Well, it all depends... sometimes you can find a ruin and sometimes you are lucky and you run into something like this little pearl! So many beautiful details, I would not change a thing but for the color on the doors.  I would undo them from their varnish and use a deep brown colonial style oil. Just do some basic rewiring and bring in some brown black and white furniture and pottery with plants.   This riad is for sale for 150 000 Euros. Quite a reasonable price for something as beautiful as this...

I absolutely ADORE the paint on the wall!  The wash off effect of it. Hang some major pieces of art and you are ready! Let's move in!
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