August 13, 2014


Some of you already know it. We bought a Medina house in Marrakesh!

It's a house with a challenge as it has neighbours on 3 sides and the only way of getting in daylight is by the lightwell.
But we fell head over heals for a lot of reasons so solving the light issue is the challenge we are willing to take to make it this dream home we want for  a while already.
Dark rooms need light, and what better way to accomplish this then using light colors.
Mood boards are a good way to collect things that inspire you, and that is what I'm doing right now. Preparing so that I have a well framed idea of how to attack as soon as we are allowed.

The bathroom is dark, small and you might wonder what in heavens these pictures have in common...well, let me explain how they could work and what I would love.
You can find all of these pictures and their origins at my mood board: bathrooms . Feel free to follow it as I'm convinced more photo's will be added...

This picture with the rough wood counter is simple and appealing. We did it already once before in Belgium in our guesthouse and it is a cheap and simple way to bring wood into a bathroom.

I'm still doubting if I should put in a door or not. the bathroom is connected to the bedroom and I think it would work well if I could use mirrors and reflections (= daylight) to make it look bigger.

Moroccan lamps!! I do want one to give this little room this luxurious glam vibe that makes you feel relax. I do love the black back splash too but I think I will go for the off white version...What do you think?

What is a window here will be a framed photo on our former home in Belgium. We had this lovely path with big oak trees beside our farm and I think it is a great way to put in some history, our roots, our past...And it will bring in a natural green touch.

Tadelakt! I'm quite sure I will use tadelakt in an off white color throughout the whole house.

This is what I mean with using a mirror. It might be in the bathroom, it might be in the bedroom. but putting the picture with the trees and the mirror in one line will create an openness to both spaces.

I love the simplicity of the shower, and yet, once again tadelakt. As much as I like it. I will not go for this dark color because of the small and dark rooms in the house.

Again a simple style and not too polished. after all, you have to live in a house, don't you?
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