August 25, 2014


I don't know where I caught it, but I'm infected with the green microbe.
I'm not talking the healthy bio thing but the COLOR green is becoming more and more appealing to me nowadays.
I'm not saying: "OUT with the Mustard Yellow" yet, but cooooming close.
And when I 'm talking green I mean GREEN. Like PANTONE 2013 color EMERALD GREEN.


Just now when I thought I was going to do my little Medina House in off white and wood...this green is coming putting crazy ideas in my head...
well, maybe they are not HUGE crazy as I wanted a green wall like this already for a long time and having not enough place to create a real PATIO, I think this might work out well...
This wall would start at the ground floor, opposite the salon Maroccain and pass the first floor right opposite the kitchen and the breakfast bar (AND LET THIS BE MY GREEN HEAVEN) :)...

In case you might wonder, the Kitchen is REALLY small but INSPIRING!!!
I am going to open one side so that it is like part of the patio and I might include herbs on the wall at this level to pick them 'fresh to use'.
Combined with a cement floor, or polished concrete like the one i show you here. An average Moroccan rather basic floor which I LOOOOVE
So, the kitchen...what will it be....
Green chalkboard?
green tiles?

green shelves?
I don't know yet...
What do you think?

but if there is a tiny little chance...I WILL PLANT THAT TREE.

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