August 05, 2014


This is one of my favorite rooms when it comes to creativity!
I found it on Pinterest but could not find who,where and picture rights. So pleace, if you know tell me!

Look at the creativity in it! A pallet no longer is a pallet when you turn it into a coffee table like this one!

Notice the mix and match of all these wonderful cushions! No matter where you live on the planet. cushions have always been a way to decorate and to show off creative skills like weaving and embroideries. So go and look for what's available in your country.Here Kelim is used for cushions and carpets! it's exactly this mix and match that gives the room this eclectic African touch.

But what I love most in this setting is the way they seem to match in every day useful tools like the ladder and the architectural plans on a drawing. How cool is this to make place for these objects and give them space to make a statement!

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