August 08, 2014


I'm a visual person. 

 Always looking around noticing small things, letting my imagination take me away creating new inspiring ideas.
While other people know to find a certain place after having been there once, I'm still getting lost in the medina after living in Essaouira for nearly two year. 
I guess I'm lost in the details; enjoying a new recipe displayed at one of the restaurants, seeing a cat sleeping beside the fresh baked bread, new colors and prints, a little art project, inspiring people...My way of focussing often leaves me totally lost but enables me to discover something new every day.

There is though an exception called Caravane Cafe! 
I swear, I 'll find it with my eyes closed. I don't know why I love to go there most. 
If for the food, for the vibe or for the beautiful art by artist Didier Spindler. 
I think I'll just start sharing the architecture and the art with you so you can decide to go and try the food yourself.

copyright coco-morocco

And do not skip the desserts!!!!
interior: ****
food: ***
ambiance: ****
price /quality: ***
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