July 25, 2014


A room at El Fenn in Marrakesh
When using teal...
a color that sweeps you away to Greece, Morocco or any sun kissed country...

This is exactly what you need to keep in mind! LIGHT, teal is a color that needs light!
Be sure your room soaks in enough light to let the teal color come alive! Otherwise you might end up with a sad color that seems to be screaming:'give me some sun!'
This room looks fantastic! the light is right, even though it is not sunny, there is far enough light coming in to give this Mediterranean vibe that makes you want to spent your summer here!
Although the room is beautifully styled, there is no vibe. It is missing the teal vibe of joy and playfulness...If you want to use teal and you don't get in clear daylight, Never go for so much dark teal colors. Use a water teal that just gives a shimmer for the major surface and bring in some accents with a more vibrant kind of the color. I would have done the sun far more larger then this too so that the wall would have been balanced. 
A great setting but much better with some adjustments.

Enjoy your interior and remember I can help you out online and with a personal advice!

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