May 05, 2014


Is there another way to describe a terrace then with these words?
'sit and enjoy'

whenever we think terrace,
we think outside, relax, friends, food, sun, fire, me-time, holiday...
if a terrace gives all these good vibes, we should maybe consider in spending and investing in things that we can enjoy over the years and that will give us a little private garden of Eden all year long.
So, are you ready to look at some pictures and define what the basic items are?
let's go... 
No matter how small your terrace, there is and there should always be room for some green.
TIP: get an EYE CATCHING plant. As big as possible and make sure it is protected in wintertime. You might even be able to decorate it with small lights in wintertime.
Invest in all year outside furniture.
Buy as I did two pieces of untreated oak and put them together to get an astonishing table
that you clean every spring. It will get more beautiful with time. You can collect different chairs around it.
pottery...always pottery, even broken ones decorate nicely.
How simple is this? some carpets, a curtain, lamps decorated with rests of different fabrics and cushions.
This is the kind of table I mean, a great investment!!!!
lights....what else do you need then some lanterns and candles
For the more luxurious terraces a roof and sofa's are really hot!
If there is a country that masters the dressing of terraces, I guess it is Morocco.
No wonder I moved here because I am totally head over heals with these lush, green surrounded gardens that are a great all year round space

GREEN - invest in a tall plant that can resist you climate.
FURNITURE - Get 1 big centerpiece that stays outside all year long.
POTTERY - get pots in all different kind of shapes and sizes. Plants can come later!
LIGHTING - be creative and make some DIY lamps to hang in the trees or put on the floor.
Use candles

picture source and lots more inspiration HERE
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