May 15, 2014


Do you believe that a place can share an instant feel-good vibe?

Then visiting Auberge de Tangaro in Essaouira with a hill view on the Atlantic might just be something for you! I spent some hours there yesterday afternoon because we are going to redesign a part of the interior and I thought sharing the new funky lunch / cocktail / event lounge with you!  Remember Le Tangaro has a unique restaurant / art gallery where you can dine at the light of dozens of candles as the restaurant is kept untouched and without electricity...
This fits in the core believe of Tangaro where today's sophisticated travellers are looking for the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves.
People are not seeking for luxury in a traditional definition anymore. The word luxury is overused and talk of luxury has become cheap.
People have had enough of pretentious unreasonable demands and want in travel as in live go back to 'less is more'
time to re-invent ...and build a community of travellers in stead of tourists.

image source: CocoMorocco

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