April 23, 2014


If ever a carpet could be called feminine, it would be a Boucherouite.

Who else then women can make art out of nothing? Rests of fabrics, old worn out clothes, everything is used to get these colorful original handmade rugs.
So what else then a boucherouite, from one woman to another, says: 'I care'
I got a demand from a female entrepreneur in Holland. She was starting her firm and social  entrepreneurship was high on her list of priorities.
Working with women and for women we thought it would be a nice statement to dress the office with a boucherouite.
You tell a story and you show you care about values, female values...
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April 17, 2014


Take a Dutch - Spanish design couple, mix some 1001 nights flavor to it and magic happens!

Style-setting husband and wife duo Alberto Cortes and Yvonne Hulst from Ksar, living in Ibiza created this paradise that goes beyond the new wave of modern Moroccan minimalism. They managed to walk the line between Zen and Morocco. This is no easy line but yet, the result is fabulous. Giving traditional about 2,20 m wide rooms this luxurious feeling is not easy but they were successful! The house/hotel is for sale for about 1,2 million Euros and I personally think it is word every Euro.
for more info or book a stay before you put down an offer: HERE

They realised to createspace in a narrow room by using rich materials and lots of tone on tones that create depth and space

Even a narrow dining area is luxurious and intimate!

simple but with class, using an old door as decoration!

April 14, 2014


Ever been to a hammam in Morocco?
source: friso-oost

Well you should. It is not only pampering your body and soul, but it is most of the time of a astonishing architecture.
Hamams are most of the time made out of mosaic from zelliges or in this other Moroccan craft; tadelakt

April 12, 2014


The heart of a Moroccan riad is the courtyard.
The neutral light colors make these inner yards a nice place to stay on hot summer days before heading for the roof in the evening
 Although most people think they are always open and always with a lot of plants, this is certainly not always the case. When you want to be protected from cool winter nights and mornings, you can add a roof to it, sometimes only in winter, sometimes they are fixed with windows at the side to open. In most riads that are lived in by Moroccan families the courtyard is a place were people just get the light into all the rooms and no special attention is put to the gardening. 
But I must admit that I love them open and planted with trees and turned into a eye resting center part of the home. where you can sense all seasons of the year and get the perfect ventilation.
What a difference! twice an inner yard but one planted with trees gives this lush feeling while the other one has so much potential to turn it into this haven of serenity

again an example on a potential nice courtyard and creme shades to use

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