March 31, 2014


1. Riad in Fez (Fes)  2. Home outside Marrakesh 3.Moroccan style terrace.
As Days get longer and a little warmer, it is time to get the terrace or the patio summer proof again. I'm in love with the lanterns and the hanging lamps we have here in Morocco and I use them everywhere. With a lamp or a candle in it, they are very adjustable and you can use them inside as well.
Look how wellthe blend with different interior styles from Scandinavia to Africa and add this little magical shimmer in any interior. Do you see yourself launging ?
1. Kitchen of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani 2. Pinterest 3. Moroccan inspired room

1. the Selman Marrakesh 2. Peacock Paviljons Marrakesh 3. Pinterest

1. herz-allerliebst  2. Mamounia Marrakesh 3.Pinterest

1 2 inspiring bedrooms. 1. is a typical Moroccan sized chambre with a size of between 1,9 and 2,20m wide.

1. Pinterest 2. palmilla restaurant California I LOVE this one! 3 Moroccan copper lamps, the most expensive ones...:(

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March 28, 2014


Sometimes you see a picture and you keep it.
For some reason this photo starts to fill more and more of your thoughts and you want to know the whole story...

Does this sound familiar?
Well it happened to me with this picture above and as I had decided  (secretly) that I wanted to start renovating my own Riad or Dar and have my own beautiful innergarden where I could enjoy sunny Morocco, I kept this image as a 'nice to have' example.
Today I finally happened to run into the missing part of the whole story and I think it is such a lovely renovation that I wanted to share it with you.

A little about the house:
London born German Philomena Schurer Merckoll who has finally settled in New York after trying out various cities including Paris, Dublin Marrakesh and Berlin bought the house after her visit to Marrakesh in 2005.
Not finding what she was looking for Swiss designer Romain Michel-Menière, was contacted and the result you can enjoy in the pictures.

 if you want to book the Riad HERE

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March 27, 2014


Meet the owner:

This month we go all the way to beautiful Melbourne to meet Aussie Colleen who is a lover of colour, texture, print, art, interiors, recyclage, music and travel…..
She is a lucky woman as she is fortunate to be able to indulge herself in all these loves through her work designing jewellery, furniture, clothing,  interiors….and to run a tour business focused in Morocco….ROAMLIKEQUEENS.  
Colleen lives eight months of the year in the warmth of Essaouira, Morocco designing fun filled tours, mainly for women, and also for couples and other interest groups, and then the other four months of the year in Melbourne, Australia at her summer house. 

one of Colleen's creations: the upcycled vintage sjawl that you can find here

Meet the home:

This summer house was originally a 1950's garage and studio, that she recently converted into a living/working space…..with loads of decking for outdoor entertaining, nights spent around an outdoor fire pit, raised garden boxes full of fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables to pick and the constant whistle of native parrots, garden birds and night owls to hear. 
Colleen; "I designed my space by up-cycling as much as I possibly could, keeping my costs down and my visual delight of vintage high!  My kitchen is lined with old 1970's advertising signage, my work bench and sink is an old carpenters bench, my dining table an old gun loading table from a rifle club, my dining chairs made from weathered farm fencing, my funky lounge furniture found in charity shops and many other treasured pieces found on council hard rubbish piles.  I see myself as the new custodian/guardian of other peoples' trash!……cringing at the thought of them finding their way to the local tipping station and being crushed into small, indecipherable pieces by a bulldozer!  I soooo love my new space, I walk to my kitchen every morning via the soft crush of cool grass under my feet.  I say hello to my roses.  I pick some flowers and herbs.  Then I settle quietly with breakfast in my salvaged butterfly chair to watch the birds and the blue, blue sky…a blissful little summer house it is"

To get in contact with Colleen:
Colleen Cassar
Roam Like Queens Womens' Travel to Morocco - AUSTRALIA

Untill we meet over a glass of mint tea
X Marlene

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March 24, 2014


On my way of searching for the ultimate Moroccan home I could not believe that somewhere out there, there is this house that fits me. I know something smaller would fit me fine too if only it were exactly these colors.

So I hope you enjoy Marrakesh' DAR KAWA styled by Valérie Barkowski as much as I do.
If you have quite some money to spend, this 17th century Dar could be yours! A Dar is like half of a Riad. Two houses share one wall and the patio is surrounded only on 3 sides. 
Traditionally renovated it merges historic architecture with cutting edge interior design.

But if 590 000 Euro is a little over your budget,
don't be distressed.
A: you can make a holiday booking HERE
B: There are still wild and unouched beauties to be found in Moroccan Medina's. 
I 'm going to show you some of them the next months
and I know, they will put a spell on you...
like flying carpets and magic lamps....

Styling Dar Kawa by Valérie Barkowski ( please visit Valéries shop in the Bab Doukkala area. You will be mesmerized by all the beauty!
Photographer Tania Panova

image source HERE and HERE  

March 22, 2014


A riad a posted 2 years ago seems to become hotter then ever. Riad TARABEL is now Riad de Tarabel, but as beautiful as it always has been! GOOD LUCK Riad de Tarabel !
Here is the original post.

Weekend. Do you feel it's time to get pampered? Well you are right. Like in this übertrendy design riad in Marrakesh. The architecture is typical Moroccan and yet, using the right colors, white, gray and black, combined with natural fabrics this styling is so right! 
I love it and I 'm ready to jump on the Supra tours bus and  get there NOW!
Did I convince you? Then why not make a booking HERE!

Do you want assistance in creating this look at home? contact me HERE

Did you notice the astunishing iron-work in the bow windows?
And the different shades of grey and natural tones that fit so well together?
And let's not forget to add some plants and pots. They deepen the whole setting.

Until we meet over a glass of mint tea
X Marlene

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