January 15, 2014


Every self respecting castle has one and who are you, not even considering to start? Running around with camera, iPhone and tablet all day long. Posting to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook &Co but when it comes to sharing at home we have to gather around a device hoping the battery will last long enough...
And I'm not even mentioning a HD crash :).

SO, what are you waiting for! Start building your own wall of fame! 
There are walls for the Black&White, the perfectionist, the collector, the VIP, the 'lotsofeverything' one and I bet there is even one for the minimalist. (although you might not get to see so much)

So let's play landlord for an afternoon and start!

First thing to do is to get into this painted room of yours we finished with some guidance in the last couple of weeks. Not ready yet?!!!! Shame on you!
Missed out on it? Find it here and here!

So, you might discover a good spot to start your own VIP corner or, why not think BIG and start your wall!

As we talked about styles in the latest blog posts, (oh yes, you get the point), you have to stick to your style even here! 
The good thing is that style and taste always go together and that finally everyone can end up being the king in his castle!

Ready? let's go to step 2.

Select the lay-out in which you want to hang your pictures. If you are a beginner, or someone with little patience I suggest you don't start with the idea of hanging them all on a straight line, unless you don't care if the result is not all that straight...
Starting out with frames in different sizes can be just as stylish when you try a nice setting on the ground before hanging them!
Once you decided which lay-out to go for, you are ready for 
step 3. Dive in and find some matching pictures. They can either match in color, or they can match a subject, or they don't match at all. The choice is yours!

To prove that you can't go wrong, let's look at these examples I collected for you and you can find lots more at my PINTEREST map on photo walls 

So here is an idea for the romantic ones. Make a collection of your adventures together, your past boyfriends or your wanna have ones...but stay out of trouble :)

Renting a place? Your landlord would be grateful for this one. A nice flexible way of creating a wall!

So, you are in a hurry. Want to share as much as possible and entertain people on the way up? Perfect for you!

For the classy one! Nice black and white without measuring too much. There is always room for one more and as long as you stick to the Black and white team you can collect frames from trips flea markets or wherever you go.

and finally wall of fame 2.0 the perfectionist. Like it? me too. Want to give it a try? Not me :(
GET A VICTIM to do it!

Have a colorful week and stay tuned!

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