January 09, 2014


Come on, did you really think I am going to give you 100 reasons? I think one is enough!
Last week we talked about the basic color pattern ( tip number 2 ), and I 'm sure that about 70 % of you have been thinking after trying to find out what colors to go for: "let's stick with beige, it's relaxing, it's easy, it's never wrong and we can still go wild on color when decorating the room".
And that is exactly what I call the "beige issue". Beige means staying in your comfort zone and this NEVER makes magic happen. Because magic happens OUTSIDE of it.
ok ok tragedy can also happen, I must admit this while looking at my baby blue living room painted by the former owner and still not touched after living here for over one year.
But it still is inspiring me in bringing in the gold and deep blue and grey velvet colors to make it work...
But now let's look at beige...
And I do not mean off-white, I do not mean white, nor sand nor any kind of non white. I mean this beige that my parents used to call egg white. I never have seen a chicken producing it in a shade like this but I noticed half of the store used to be filled with this color. Mat and shiny for walls ceiling and windows, turning your home into what I think a fluffy cake looks from the inside.
Beige, you have probably already discovered I'm not a fan. BUT the good news is that I think it might work for you "let's be careful" ones as long as you dare to take this step towards another contrasting color to deepen it.

You should not match with a cold color but opt for something that has kind of mixed some beige in it.


1) Dark brown

2) Dark grey but with the soft beige undertone in stead of the blue tone.

3) Mid tone sandy blue like the one used in coastal interiors

4) Orange with a touch of brown beige

So there you are, lots of tips on how to use beige. 
Remember that beige will ALWAYS give a classic touch to a room. I don't know how far your imagination goes but replacing the beige with off white will immediately give the room a face lift and make it more edgy.

Any questions on how to use beige? Just mail me and meanwhile....

Heve a colorfull day

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