Thursday, January 30, 2014


YELLOW, does it make you smile too? Is this your colour?

Now what does this tell about you?
The colour yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect.
Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, the colour of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things. It is the practical thinker, not the dreamer.
Yellow is the colour of the networker and the journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level.
Yellow is the scientist, constantly analysing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive.
Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.

So if you go for yellow you know that dreaming is just a little part of the job. Yellow makes you do things and is this not what we all deep inside want?

If you use yellow, whether it is in wearing it or using it in a decorating job, you can be sure people don't miss out on it and you better have your story ready on the why and convince them by your attitude!

How can yellow have an influence ?

Yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.
Yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk. (my husband will LOVE this one : )
Yellow helps us focus, study and recall information, useful during exam time.
Yellow has a tendency to make you more mentally analytical and critical - this includes being self critical as well as critical of others.
Yellow is non-emotional, coming from the head rather than the heart.
Yellow depends on itself, preferring to not get emotionally involved.
Yellow is related to the ego and our sense of self worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.
yellow in a kitchen makes us become more hungry, not only for food but also to create new things, try out different recipes....

Have you noticed yellow is THE colour of spring? Flowers are screaming for the change from winter to summer, screaming out to the bees 'here I am'...
Yellow tulips inside a room can lift the room to the spring vibe.

How to 'yellow' a room?
Yellow is a classic colour and has been used throughout history.
A "golden" tip on using it: the bigger the surface to less vibrant it should be, unless you really want to get attention.
But also to this rule there are exceptions. When combined with grey this automatically tempers the vibration and you get a classical tone.
Both modern and classical interiors can use yellow and it is a colour with a high 'FEEL GOOD' level.
Personally I'm a big fan of golden yellow and what I call mustard yellow. They work well with Black and White and grey and they give an instant GLAM feeling to a room when combined like this

So get inspired by the pictures!

If you want to find more inspiration click HERE and HERE
If you want to know more about using Yellow in your home or in your business read on HERE

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Meet the owner:
Lets start this new monthly item on the blog with our house in Belgium.
As an architect I grew into the black - white - wood settings. They really add a relaxing vibe to a house and that is what I need. Moving to Morocco got me into a more colorful pattern one step at the time. Deep purple and aubergine velvet, Mustard yellow and golden shades for sofa's cushions. The house I share here with you was our former house in Belgium. It was an old little farm that we always kind of skipped when we were house hunting. Our profession was real Estate and architecture and somehow this house was patiently waiting for us to find it, waiting for us to  turn it into a home, an office and a bed and breakfast
But life sometimes has other plans and so we left the house into the hands of two passionate young people that continue our work, and we, we moved south to sun sea sand. Morocco is our destination where we continue our job on the real estate, architectural and export market of handcrafted items

Meet the home:
Where: Peer - Belgium
What I love:
the black - white - brown setting.
the mix and match of design - Ikea and recycled stuff, and not to forget a lot of self-made bricolage :)
the wood stove that came from our house in Holland.
the cosy winter evenings around the fire.
the summer days working at home with the windows open having the cows out in the surrounding fields.
The seasons that seemed to enter the house by the big windows and the wide open views on the countryside.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Every self respecting castle has one and who are you, not even considering to start? Running around with camera, iPhone and tablet all day long. Posting to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook &Co but when it comes to sharing at home we have to gather around a device hoping the battery will last long enough...
And I'm not even mentioning a HD crash :).

SO, what are you waiting for! Start building your own wall of fame! 
There are walls for the Black&White, the perfectionist, the collector, the VIP, the 'lotsofeverything' one and I bet there is even one for the minimalist. (although you might not get to see so much)

So let's play landlord for an afternoon and start!

First thing to do is to get into this painted room of yours we finished with some guidance in the last couple of weeks. Not ready yet?!!!! Shame on you!
Missed out on it? Find it here and here!

So, you might discover a good spot to start your own VIP corner or, why not think BIG and start your wall!

As we talked about styles in the latest blog posts, (oh yes, you get the point), you have to stick to your style even here! 
The good thing is that style and taste always go together and that finally everyone can end up being the king in his castle!

Ready? let's go to step 2.

Select the lay-out in which you want to hang your pictures. If you are a beginner, or someone with little patience I suggest you don't start with the idea of hanging them all on a straight line, unless you don't care if the result is not all that straight...
Starting out with frames in different sizes can be just as stylish when you try a nice setting on the ground before hanging them!
Once you decided which lay-out to go for, you are ready for 
step 3. Dive in and find some matching pictures. They can either match in color, or they can match a subject, or they don't match at all. The choice is yours!

To prove that you can't go wrong, let's look at these examples I collected for you and you can find lots more at my PINTEREST map on photo walls 

So here is an idea for the romantic ones. Make a collection of your adventures together, your past boyfriends or your wanna have ones...but stay out of trouble :)

Renting a place? Your landlord would be grateful for this one. A nice flexible way of creating a wall!

So, you are in a hurry. Want to share as much as possible and entertain people on the way up? Perfect for you!

For the classy one! Nice black and white without measuring too much. There is always room for one more and as long as you stick to the Black and white team you can collect frames from trips flea markets or wherever you go.

and finally wall of fame 2.0 the perfectionist. Like it? me too. Want to give it a try? Not me :(
GET A VICTIM to do it!

Have a colorful week and stay tuned!

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Thursday, January 09, 2014


Come on, did you really think I am going to give you 100 reasons? I think one is enough!
Last week we talked about the basic color pattern ( tip number 2 ), and I 'm sure that about 70 % of you have been thinking after trying to find out what colors to go for: "let's stick with beige, it's relaxing, it's easy, it's never wrong and we can still go wild on color when decorating the room".
And that is exactly what I call the "beige issue". Beige means staying in your comfort zone and this NEVER makes magic happen. Because magic happens OUTSIDE of it.
ok ok tragedy can also happen, I must admit this while looking at my baby blue living room painted by the former owner and still not touched after living here for over one year.
But it still is inspiring me in bringing in the gold and deep blue and grey velvet colors to make it work...
But now let's look at beige...
And I do not mean off-white, I do not mean white, nor sand nor any kind of non white. I mean this beige that my parents used to call egg white. I never have seen a chicken producing it in a shade like this but I noticed half of the store used to be filled with this color. Mat and shiny for walls ceiling and windows, turning your home into what I think a fluffy cake looks from the inside.
Beige, you have probably already discovered I'm not a fan. BUT the good news is that I think it might work for you "let's be careful" ones as long as you dare to take this step towards another contrasting color to deepen it.

You should not match with a cold color but opt for something that has kind of mixed some beige in it.


1) Dark brown

2) Dark grey but with the soft beige undertone in stead of the blue tone.

3) Mid tone sandy blue like the one used in coastal interiors

4) Orange with a touch of brown beige

So there you are, lots of tips on how to use beige. 
Remember that beige will ALWAYS give a classic touch to a room. I don't know how far your imagination goes but replacing the beige with off white will immediately give the room a face lift and make it more edgy.

Any questions on how to use beige? Just mail me and meanwhile....

Heve a colorfull day

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Friday, January 03, 2014


Is 2014 the moment for getting your home finally the way you want it?
Start with these 3 easy tips before heading to the store. It costs you nothing but saves you a disappointment in the end.

TIP 1: Pick a theme.

Before you start you probably have already a long list of favorite interior, on Pinterest, in your favorite magazines or even your favorite soap might inspire you!
Now let's look at them and see what they have in common. Can you define it? Do you see what it is that makes you think "I wish I would live there!"

Are you the African Nomad or the Scandinavian Cool type?
Is vintage your thing or after all Parisian chic?

When picking a theme don't think things like "I can't afford this" or "it will take too much of my time". If you want to get it, it will sure take time but everything you achieve will make you proud and more at ease in you own nest.
Pick this theme and start imagining your room when it is finished!

Parisian chic with a touch of vintage

Scandinavian white with vintage elements

vintage minimalism

warm sunny out of Africa

You can see already from these examples that I have a weakness for vintage stuff. but let's talk about you! Have you found your style?

TIP 2: Pick a color scheme.

Now here it goes easy :). when choosing a theme, often the theme already implements some basic colors and that is what we want to do here. Choosing the BASIC colors.
When you opt for Parisian chic, this implements black, white and wood colors, the gold and silver elements can come later.
African look has bright shades of orange purples and reds but you do want to keep it a little modest for the walls and the floors so you go for muddy brown tones, off whites and sand.
Swedish styles often use white on white tones with grey and natural wood.... 
choose your color scheme in harmony with your theme without going too bold on the colors.

The colors from Flamant and Benjamin Moore are my favorites. You can so easily combine and get these great results!

Well it may sound simple but the further you get in your decorating job, the harder it will be. Don't go for second choice because you think your first pick is too expensive. Leave both and wait till you find something that you can pay for and that looks absolute wonderful. Be creative and look at flee markets (vintage) ;) or try to paint an old chair so that it fits....
But never take something that looks nice in the shop but that really does not has any relation to the theme you choose for, it will both cost you money and ruins your final picture...

Still doubting what to go for?
If you think you will get major out of track, you can always ask me, send me a picture with your doubts or questions. I will be happy to help out if possible.