October 06, 2013


When making a drastic change in your interior, please think and be wise.
No, I'm not telling you to stat on the safe side and yet, opt another time for this o so boring beige. I am telling you to get creative, be brave BUT stay in style. Does this sounds as a "CAN NOT BE POSSIBLE" thing for you, then look at these pictures and notice.

1) it are all the same color combinations
2) they are used in the most different interiors from funky to classic
3) they will stand the test of time because ... 
it is all about making the right combination. No matter when and where. If you combine the right colors, you are always IN.
So get inspired and please color up the world! I know I will with the renovation of a riad here in Essaouira.

Have a colorful day! Marlène

sources: Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/madamepauly/green-grey-and-yelloz/

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