September 29, 2013


Grey does not have to be boring, it brings the style factor in your interior. Grey can be with an undertone of red, blue or brown. Make a choice and then put some accents in your room.

Grey day

September 19, 2013


Traveling between my home in Morocco - Essaouira and my renovation projects in Europe with these  #Ryanair policies on luggage, made me look for a solution in which I can conquer rainy days on country farm sites and with some small changes allow me to have lunches with Michèle or Suzy in #Tongeren or #Hasselt. I only take one pair of jeans that I 'm wearing but shoes do the magic ...(I know :) much more heavy then one more pair of pants) But give a woman some shoes and a handbag and she can conquer (almost) anything... 
Even border controls!

My favorite items: purple shoes / Hunter polishing boots, $135 / Steve Madden platform stilettos shoes / Clutch / Michael Kors 

September 18, 2013


For all of us who can't stop dreaming of this luxury hotel room from last is a how to without ruining your budget.
In fact, the most scary bit is to start painting your walls in this sleek mat velvet gray. People will tell you you are mad. But then look again, are this the ones who's style you adore? Right!

September 07, 2013


Traveling in Morocco does not mean you have to be pleased with everything you find in the souks. Moroccan skills and techniques are able to create for you just everything and more, so please dare to dream and use your imagination!CHIC MOROCCO

HOWSTY cognac flat boots, $125 / Pave diamond jewelry, $2,805 / Forever New tech accessory, $14 / Square side table / Moroccan footstool / Square candle / Home decor / Andrew Martin ottoman, $1,595

September 03, 2013


Do you love like I the peeping sound from old floors and old doors? Do you like to listen on a windy night to the squeaky shutters?

Then I guess you love to listen to the stories the wood is telling you...
Let your imagination go wild and think about the person who might have lived there about a century ago. Think about the thousends of hands that have been opening these old doors.
The children that have been playing on this old floor, the presents they unwrapped...
You might feel important living there and continuing this story.
But also living in a brand new house will make you aware that you are the first page in the book! Don't get upset about a scratch, mark it as a first chapter in the book, to listen to on stormy nights...

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all pictures: wood