June 14, 2013


June is a very windy month here in Essaouira, Morocco. Wind means stormy sea and you never know what you find in the morning when walking on the beach! Especially the wood and the shelves I love and they are great items to get creative! Get inspired by these examples from easy to more technical. And if you don't have a nearby beach, look around you in the forest or in the container on a renovation site. You often can do a great catch there of old oak beams!
I ordened the pictures from very simple to more difficult so that you hace no excuse on finding a way to started!

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June 04, 2013


Hot item in a garden is a fireplace! (or fire pit or bowl) Instantly this makes the yard the place where everyone wants to be. Make it the focal point of your patio, terrace or garden and it  will draw friends and family together around its warm glow from early spring into autumn and you might even find you and your friends there on new years night drinking this first glass of the year. Your kids roasting marshmallows over a rustic wood fire pit, or you and your friends relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening in front of a beautiful gas fire, there is sure to be a just-right fire feature for you.
Dreaming of adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard? Here are some pictures that can get you started!
An outdoor fireplace instantly adds value to your home! If you are considering selling your home at some point, an outdoor fireplace can be a boon at sale time. Accented with comfy outdoor living room furniture, it will help potential buyers easily imagine themselves there

As far as budget goes, know that a gas fireplace tends to cost more than a wood-burning one, and the farther from the house you must run the gas line, the more expensive it will likely be. Or you might consider using bottle gas which makes the fireplace even more interesting as you can just move it around!A great example is pic. 5.
A custom built-in fireplace will cost more than a prefab or freestanding model. Custom gas fire pits can be just as costly as fireplaces.
Built-in fire pits can go modern or traditional, depending on the materials, while fire bowls run the gamut from sleek and modern to rustic hammered metal. Outdoor fireplaces no longer have to be categorized in the 'traditional look' they can be a reinforcement from the style you choose for your interior.

Below you find some easy DIY ideas on outdoor fireplaces. So, now that you can have this outdoor fire at any budget, there is no excuse on not having a late night bath outside :)

You need:
  1. a big fire resistant bowl; this could have any shape (think of an old wheelbarrow
  2. a support f.i. a foot in the same metal or a bed in river stones and some big stones to support around 
  3. wood
  4. if you want you can fill the bowl half with river stones or with Eco glass 5tempered to resist high temperatures

How to do:
  • make a stable surface with sand about 30 cm deep
  • cover it with the kind of gravel that you like. you can choose anything from black to beige this should be about 5 cm. You can play with the form of the surface but either don't make it too big so that chairs and tables can be put on the surrounding surface or, make it this big that you can put everything on the surface.
  • choose your fire bowl,pit...you can use old metal things that are lying too long in the garden because you always thought 'well I might find a use for it' or you can go and look around at the neighbours ;) they might be happy to finally get rid of this junk ...
  • put it on the surface with gravel and make sure it stands stable.For this you can use the bigger stones
  • as you choose, fill it with river stones , more big stones or for a design look with colored tempered Eco glass. the reason for this is to create a mass that absorbs heat so that you can still enjoy the heat a while after the fire has burnt out.
  • put some wood on top and you are ready to invite those guests!
You can even use this old satellite dish I was telling you about in this article

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