Friday, May 10, 2013


For all of us who get inspired by nature...enjoy these green walls.They look so great that I thought creating a small wall like this on my terrace. I wanted to separate two parts and then I got across this great project from Fern Richardson. It inspired me to adjust it a little. scroll down to see how to fix this just in time for a great balcony or terrace garden. It inspired already DesignSponge to talk about it!

You need:
  1. 2 pallets
  2. 2 pieces of  landscaping paper  try a garden center
  3. sandpaper and paint if you want a color. (mine will just be natural wood)
  4. 2 planks to attach over the paper to keep it firm (must be the length of your pallet)
  5. staple gun and staples
  6. wood screws and a screwdriver
  7. potting soil
  8. herbs and hanging plants

How to do:
  • try to find 2 pallets with a maximum height of 80 cm. (this will keep everything in balance when put vertical). 
  • put the landscaping paper on the 4 sides and the back leaving the front side open. 
  • when attached firmly with the staples take one plank and screw this into the pallet so that the construction has kind of a back.
  • do the same thing with the other pallet.
  • put both pallets on the floor and fill them with the potting soil. water them slowly so that the earth gets well drained and the whole space is filled with soil.
  • start to plant the small plants and remember that the pallets will be standing vertical so you must plant them with this in mind. 
  • let them grow in a horizontal position for a week or so, it depends on weather conditions and how the plant are doing.
  • when they start to grow you place the 2 pallets back to back and attach them to each other.
  • ready and enjoy!
Right now I m transforming an old satellite dish into a little green outside garden table.
I a next article I will show you how to do this!
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