Monday, May 27, 2013


Do you have those moments too?It starts with one white wall and suddenly you live like a bride to be. 

Whites on whites...I love it, but sometimes one wants to leave the arctic and get some color vibes


You love natural colors? They work GREAT with whites. Dark brown, light oak, you will get a totally different effect with either one of them! And of course you can finish it with some magic color like shocking pink or bright yellow to make it come alive!
So you have this white on white painted room and you would love to add just a tiny bit of color to brighten the place... Why not go simple and paint one window to frame the outside world? You can have different colors for different rooms, or why not follow the season? paint it red in winter and yellow in summer?
Can it be more easy? When spring seems to be on holiday, and summer has missed the train? brighten up and put some colorful flowers in your room. The tiniest little sun ray will explode inside when entering this white room with these beautiful flowers! Be the sun inside if outside it s raining!
Have some money to spent? get some ethnic stuff and act as if you have been doing some traveling!

read a travel magazine, invite some friends for the evening and make up some stories that make you a virtual globetrotter!  
Another way of putting color in a white on white room and play safe is to buy some colorful attributes like lamps and cushions. If you have simple round lamps at home you could even make it verry cheap and use colored paper and get inspired by the butterfly lamp I posted a while ago!

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