Monday, May 20, 2013


Do you know the expression, when it comes to buying land or property there are only 3 things to consider?  Location location location.
and this is can turn into a real problem when very new place you visit gets you more excited then the one before. It also gets you further away from the place you started, and you have to adjust your target groups and get flexible.
So I thought showing you 3 of my favorite locations and maybe you could help me out?

The first pictures show a piece of land on the side of a hill with spectacular views and a most charming village behind it. It is about 9.88 acres

This piece of land has a warmer setting because it is located on the south side of a hill, close to a Berber village with a big Sunday soul that attracts lots of tourists. It has 22 olive trees and some fantastic protected Argan trees. however you need a 4by4 to get there....

This spot offers some fantastic views from under the more then 100 year old trees, it are more then 50 trees on 6 acres. It is in the heart of Moroccan olive oil production area and not so for from spot 2. Uou really get the country girl feeling here. I can imagine my workshops in the shade of the trees already...

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