Thursday, May 16, 2013


Recycled and low budget. That is this space divider we are going to make today.
It might cost you something but if you are lucky, you can find the wood at the beach, in the forest, are you use old boards that you might find on a building site.
And maybe your car needs new tires anyway, are you talk your brother into it :)

don't let this example ruin your creativity! There are much more options to creat a nice dividing wall in your garden or on your terrace!
I would love to hear and see what you made out of it. You can post them to my facebookpage or just sent them to me by mail and I will post them here on the blog!


Can you imagine this divider in your garden, planted in a double row of white painted car tires? Go for it!

You need:
  1. 4 car tires make about 1,2 m of length (you put them two on two)
  2. white paint suitable to paint rubber.
  3. a brush
  4. branches of wood preferable of at least 1,6  to 1,8 m of height
  5. stones for the first layer in the tires
  6. potting soil
  7. plastic bags (any kind will do)
  8. potting soil
  9. hangings plants and/or climbers

How to do:
  • find out where and in what way you want to divide your garden or terrace.(straight or in a bended line)
  • a nice size is about 2,6 m and more
  • prepare and paint the tires, if necessary twice and wait till all is dry
  • put the tires two on two on the line you marked to create the wall
  • put plastic bags on the floor and up in the tires. You preferably use several small plastic bags so the water can escape when heavy rain.
  • put the stones as a first layer and then fill with the soil, drill all very well.
  • put the branches and make sure that the space in between where the rubber from the tires is gets covered a little by using bended ones in between. See that they get stacked between the stones.
  • If you like it like this, LEAVE IT. It looks great like this already.
  • if you want to enjoy a more green look you fill the tires with grass seeds, succulents or hanging plants that will cover the tires after a while.

this is how I want your tires to look,put them 2 on 2(if you are using tires from a tractor etc, you can go for just 1 tire)


you can either go for a straight line or you can make it a little more organic.

hard to find the kind of wood I showed in the picture? use wood boards of 12 cm that you leave natural or you paint them white.
Put them straight up but at different angles so you get a nice.

Find more inspirational room and garden dividers at my pinterest page.

Enjoy! and remember it is a unique piece you are going to create!

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