May 08, 2013


If you want to create this style  in your garden or at your terrace. Here are some easy to follow steps.
A simple way to get the shadow you want is to use strong curtains(see link below). By sewing them together you can make it a 4 by 4 square or any size and shape you want. Use the metal rings to attach, if you make like 4by4 use 2 rings to attach at each corner.

To create the table I recommend you to get 4 pieces of  2,5m by 20 cm  of scaffolding wood.This will get you a table of 2,5m by 0,80m. Put the wood beside each other and tie together with more of the rope you used to fix the shading. Remember to take the same color for the rope and the supports for the table. when used outside the table looks great with this kind of rough look. If you want to put it inside make sure you attache 2 pieces of wood on the underside so that the supports are stabalised and your table keeps together. Don't bother if the wood is not completely smooth , this is the look you want when you use this wood!
So, now you are almost done!

The only thing you need to find now is some chairs. Try friends and family, try the recycle. Use them the way you get them (mix vintage) or give them some flashy (floral) or white color 9with washed look). All will do great, it only depends what you like.
Finish of with some pots and plants or some great cushions!

And now, you are ready to enjoy summer and all this on a mini budget!

If you click on the pictures below you 'll find my suggestions!

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