Thursday, May 30, 2013


Someone asked me to redefine a typical Moroccan 'chambre'. It is a one room house that you often find on the countryside. Families use it for summer stays or just when someone is visiting them. Most of them or all purpose rooms and that is exactly what it should be. Simple and a shelter against extreme weather conditions, because most of the time people are outside. If you want to see the whole design, I will post it in my blog and tell you a little more about the materials I want to use. Moroccan rooms are a good eco friendly example of how to use what you can find on the field to build a house. this means walls are often made of stones and roofs of wooden branches. Floors are from polished concrete or packed earth. windows use to be very tiny to keep it as cool as possible but we opted for a we opted for a large gate / window with a semi-transparent pergola.Some  bushes and the window hatch can create an optional windshield.

photo © Michael Koronis / HOUSE by LIFE & STYLE Image Courtesy of Liberis Publications, GREECE. All rights reserved

photo © Michael Koronis / HOUSE by LIFE & STYLE Image Courtesy of Liberis Publications, GREECE. All rights reserved


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Monday, May 27, 2013


Do you have those moments too?It starts with one white wall and suddenly you live like a bride to be. 

Whites on whites...I love it, but sometimes one wants to leave the arctic and get some color vibes


You love natural colors? They work GREAT with whites. Dark brown, light oak, you will get a totally different effect with either one of them! And of course you can finish it with some magic color like shocking pink or bright yellow to make it come alive!
So you have this white on white painted room and you would love to add just a tiny bit of color to brighten the place... Why not go simple and paint one window to frame the outside world? You can have different colors for different rooms, or why not follow the season? paint it red in winter and yellow in summer?
Can it be more easy? When spring seems to be on holiday, and summer has missed the train? brighten up and put some colorful flowers in your room. The tiniest little sun ray will explode inside when entering this white room with these beautiful flowers! Be the sun inside if outside it s raining!
Have some money to spent? get some ethnic stuff and act as if you have been doing some traveling!

read a travel magazine, invite some friends for the evening and make up some stories that make you a virtual globetrotter!  
Another way of putting color in a white on white room and play safe is to buy some colorful attributes like lamps and cushions. If you have simple round lamps at home you could even make it verry cheap and use colored paper and get inspired by the butterfly lamp I posted a while ago!

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Monday, May 20, 2013


Do you know the expression, when it comes to buying land or property there are only 3 things to consider?  Location location location.
and this is can turn into a real problem when very new place you visit gets you more excited then the one before. It also gets you further away from the place you started, and you have to adjust your target groups and get flexible.
So I thought showing you 3 of my favorite locations and maybe you could help me out?

The first pictures show a piece of land on the side of a hill with spectacular views and a most charming village behind it. It is about 9.88 acres

This piece of land has a warmer setting because it is located on the south side of a hill, close to a Berber village with a big Sunday soul that attracts lots of tourists. It has 22 olive trees and some fantastic protected Argan trees. however you need a 4by4 to get there....

This spot offers some fantastic views from under the more then 100 year old trees, it are more then 50 trees on 6 acres. It is in the heart of Moroccan olive oil production area and not so for from spot 2. Uou really get the country girl feeling here. I can imagine my workshops in the shade of the trees already...

Friday, May 17, 2013


treehotel in sweden
Traveling? You could travel to experience new things, get out of your comfort zone — learn and emulate different cultures, food, customs. I would say, traveling makes your heart beat a little faster so that you feel more then ever alive! One of the very things that gets our heartbeat up is having fun looking in the traveling brochures at home. After all, choosing where you will be living, if only for a small period, is where you'll call home.

People are very creative and as eco-awareness is becoming an important issue on choosing our home away many travelers are taking to the trees, camping spots, eco resorts that are becoming more and more "de rigueur" for open-minded adventurers looking for that one-of-a-kind experience.

But travelers do have other aspects they consider. One does not want to feel like Tarzan or being in the Dakar rally when choosing these hot spots. NO, we want glamour, design, and something off the well know chain resorts that could be anywhere on this planet. And here are just some places that would impress your friends!

treehotel in sweden

This view you could have when taking a cooking workshop Moroccan Cuisine at the countryside outside Essaouira.
Get a shopping and cooking experience under the covered terrace and afterwards enjoy wining and dining in this setting!

For those who want to create the look in miniature in their own garden, get inspired by this wonderful book. A great way to strawl into nature with your kids and collect things to build your own fairy house!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Recycled and low budget. That is this space divider we are going to make today.
It might cost you something but if you are lucky, you can find the wood at the beach, in the forest, are you use old boards that you might find on a building site.
And maybe your car needs new tires anyway, are you talk your brother into it :)

don't let this example ruin your creativity! There are much more options to creat a nice dividing wall in your garden or on your terrace!
I would love to hear and see what you made out of it. You can post them to my facebookpage or just sent them to me by mail and I will post them here on the blog!


Can you imagine this divider in your garden, planted in a double row of white painted car tires? Go for it!

You need:
  1. 4 car tires make about 1,2 m of length (you put them two on two)
  2. white paint suitable to paint rubber.
  3. a brush
  4. branches of wood preferable of at least 1,6  to 1,8 m of height
  5. stones for the first layer in the tires
  6. potting soil
  7. plastic bags (any kind will do)
  8. potting soil
  9. hangings plants and/or climbers

How to do:
  • find out where and in what way you want to divide your garden or terrace.(straight or in a bended line)
  • a nice size is about 2,6 m and more
  • prepare and paint the tires, if necessary twice and wait till all is dry
  • put the tires two on two on the line you marked to create the wall
  • put plastic bags on the floor and up in the tires. You preferably use several small plastic bags so the water can escape when heavy rain.
  • put the stones as a first layer and then fill with the soil, drill all very well.
  • put the branches and make sure that the space in between where the rubber from the tires is gets covered a little by using bended ones in between. See that they get stacked between the stones.
  • If you like it like this, LEAVE IT. It looks great like this already.
  • if you want to enjoy a more green look you fill the tires with grass seeds, succulents or hanging plants that will cover the tires after a while.

this is how I want your tires to look,put them 2 on 2(if you are using tires from a tractor etc, you can go for just 1 tire)


you can either go for a straight line or you can make it a little more organic.

hard to find the kind of wood I showed in the picture? use wood boards of 12 cm that you leave natural or you paint them white.
Put them straight up but at different angles so you get a nice.

Find more inspirational room and garden dividers at my pinterest page.

Enjoy! and remember it is a unique piece you are going to create!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It was on the Internet I first spotted them, the lovely perfume bottles of "l'Orientalist" in Marrakech, The other day I discovered the shop and was very excited about their products. The perfumes and candles have a fantastic scent and they all have an incredible packaging.
I got a bottle of the "Rose de l'Atlas" for my birthday and  it smells pure roses and it looks great.
Perfume and bottles all are local crafts work and I can really recommend it!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Last week I shared some pictures with you on Facebook about how simple it can be to create a look without ruining your bank account. While most of my own examples were in basic colors, I got some pictures posted and mailed of total different styles. It proves that you don't have to be an addict to the natural shades to create a great look with pallets.
I can advise you a great book if you want more inspiration:

Most pictures are from Pinterest
In my post about a garden table I worked on one like this
this small breakfast table will do fine in lots of settings. Bedroom, garden...
this picture was sent to me by my friend Nicole who wants to create this look for her guest/hobby room. She is incredibly good in sewing so I think it will be no problem once she has found her 2 pallets!
I love this Moroccan inspired kitchen. You don't need to worry if everything is perfect. The character lays just in the imperfection
simple and adjustable
more inspiration you can find here!
Suzy mailed me her favorite for her garden. easy to make and lots of place to put your favorite magazines!

Friday, May 10, 2013


For all of us who get inspired by nature...enjoy these green walls.They look so great that I thought creating a small wall like this on my terrace. I wanted to separate two parts and then I got across this great project from Fern Richardson. It inspired me to adjust it a little. scroll down to see how to fix this just in time for a great balcony or terrace garden. It inspired already DesignSponge to talk about it!

You need:
  1. 2 pallets
  2. 2 pieces of  landscaping paper  try a garden center
  3. sandpaper and paint if you want a color. (mine will just be natural wood)
  4. 2 planks to attach over the paper to keep it firm (must be the length of your pallet)
  5. staple gun and staples
  6. wood screws and a screwdriver
  7. potting soil
  8. herbs and hanging plants

How to do:
  • try to find 2 pallets with a maximum height of 80 cm. (this will keep everything in balance when put vertical). 
  • put the landscaping paper on the 4 sides and the back leaving the front side open. 
  • when attached firmly with the staples take one plank and screw this into the pallet so that the construction has kind of a back.
  • do the same thing with the other pallet.
  • put both pallets on the floor and fill them with the potting soil. water them slowly so that the earth gets well drained and the whole space is filled with soil.
  • start to plant the small plants and remember that the pallets will be standing vertical so you must plant them with this in mind. 
  • let them grow in a horizontal position for a week or so, it depends on weather conditions and how the plant are doing.
  • when they start to grow you place the 2 pallets back to back and attach them to each other.
  • ready and enjoy!
Right now I m transforming an old satellite dish into a little green outside garden table.
I a next article I will show you how to do this!

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Here in Africa I use cheap terracotta pots. they are superb for weather conditons here.  Below you find some inspiring, Eco pots that give your garden or terrace an instant color chock. Just click the image to find out where to buy them.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


If you want to create this style  in your garden or at your terrace. Here are some easy to follow steps.
A simple way to get the shadow you want is to use strong curtains(see link below). By sewing them together you can make it a 4 by 4 square or any size and shape you want. Use the metal rings to attach, if you make like 4by4 use 2 rings to attach at each corner.

To create the table I recommend you to get 4 pieces of  2,5m by 20 cm  of scaffolding wood.This will get you a table of 2,5m by 0,80m. Put the wood beside each other and tie together with more of the rope you used to fix the shading. Remember to take the same color for the rope and the supports for the table. when used outside the table looks great with this kind of rough look. If you want to put it inside make sure you attache 2 pieces of wood on the underside so that the supports are stabalised and your table keeps together. Don't bother if the wood is not completely smooth , this is the look you want when you use this wood!
So, now you are almost done!

The only thing you need to find now is some chairs. Try friends and family, try the recycle. Use them the way you get them (mix vintage) or give them some flashy (floral) or white color 9with washed look). All will do great, it only depends what you like.
Finish of with some pots and plants or some great cushions!

And now, you are ready to enjoy summer and all this on a mini budget!

If you click on the pictures below you 'll find my suggestions!