April 28, 2013


When you want to built sustainable on the Moroccan countryside, you can do this by using the stones that cover the plots. The only thing you have to buy is cement and plaster. To get the look you want it is important to know, just as with brick walls, which effect you prefer!
Do you want to see mainly the stones then you should really have constructors that have lots of experience to put the stones in a way that they fit nicely one on the other, and you also should be ware of the stability of the wall; therefore those walls are often characterized by putting rows of big stones and then putting smaller but long stones in the next line so that you get a solid construction. the cement and plaster mixture is not visible at the surface.
However, if you like your wall to get a shade of white or grey, or anything in between, you can play with the mixture and use it also on the wall surface. In this type of wall the cement mixture gives some extra stability.

My pref is definitely the first type, but it is more expensive as it takes much more time for the builders.
Last week I saw the perfect wall for me. So sorry I forgot to take a picture on this one but I will do soon!

You might get inspired by this outside bath corner. For more outside bathing I suggest you read this. Really, no excuse to not have a tub in the garden!
stones from the beach are ok to make a floor. But too round to use in a wall

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