March 17, 2013


I could not agree more on this article Desiree wrote in her blog Vosgesparis. I love the Scandinavian look and still consider Stockholm as my second home after Belgium.
However, you know I would have mixed in my favorite color. Color that brings me back to my home nowadays, Morocco :)
Mustard yellow in all it's shifts and shades...

March 13, 2013


Sir Richard Branson’s Moroccan retreat, Kasbah Tamadot, is a magical walled fortress and divine hideaway situated at the foot of the spectacular Atlas Mountains at an approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Marrakech Airport. In fact this sleeping beauty was discovered by Bransons parents when they were visiting Morocco and beforehand it should be mentioned that the acquisition of the property goes back to the initiative of his mother Eve Branson.

She fell in love with the Kasbah and had to take over responsibility of the adoption and surrounding villages, in return of the acquisition. Ever since she cares for the three surrounding villages and especially for the women working as craftsmen and giving their families a perspective.

Eve is a remarkable woman, and one can see where Richard takes after! To visit her work and keep informed, you can follow the link to her foundation and her newsletter. The Eve Branson Foundation

The Kasbah is no hotel, at least you do not want to leave it and have a feeling that you spent your money in a hotel, you leave with a feeling of "been at home", taken care of, got to know some wonderful people and became a part of the Virgin Unite Spirit.

Employing local Berber staff from the surrounding villages, giving guests a sense of staying in a Moroccan home rather than a hotel. Each of the guestrooms and suites at Kasbah Tamadot have been individually decorated to reflect the beautiful architecture of the building and beautifully infuse the traditional charm of Moroccan design with contemporary elements.

With breathtaking views, Kanoun Restaurant offers diners an intimate fireside bar for pre-dinner cocktails – a stunning dining area for delicious lunches and dinners.

With its intimate fireside bar and breathtaking terrace views, the stunning Kanoun Restaurant serves delicious local and international cuisine. The name ‘Kanoun’ is the Berber word for the traditional Moroccan freestanding charcoal-burning brazier, made out of sun baked clay. The food combines local and international flavours, with home grown herbs and vegetables from the Kasbah Tamadot gardens. Dine alfresco around the candlelit reflection pool, up on the rooftop terrace underneath the stars or somewhere private just for two!

On the ground level there are two internal courtyards, an indoor pool, the Asounfou Spa, a Moroccan Hammam and access to the outdoor pool. From the outdoor infinity pool, reflecting the sky and affording spectacular views to the valley below and mountains above, you can meander along pretty garden paths to the tennis courts. The grounds have been planted with a huge variety of evergreen and flowing plants. The rooftop is complete with breathtaking views and a seating area where drinks can be served.

Kasbah Tamadot has 24 bedrooms and suites.
But if you book well in advance...YOU REALLY SHOULD go for one of the five luxury Berber Tented Suites with private swimmingpool or one of the four luxury Berber Tents without pool! If something makes you feel like an Arabic prince or princess, this might come verry close!
And don't we all love to feel a little special from time to time?

Everything in the Kasbah is designed to offer you complete privacy. However for those, who prefer public places instead of the privacy of the suites or rooms, the Kasbah Tamadot offers, besides a swimming pool with Jacuzzi for 30 people, a terrace restaurant and bar with library, comfortable lobby, business center with pc and lavishly big leather chairs and Reflection Pool with uncountable seating possibilities in the inner yard.

All guestrooms and suites feature antiques from the vast collection of Luciano Tempo, Kasbah Tamadot’s former owner. As a renowned antiques dealer and interior designer, Luciano brought together artefacts from all over the world.
Asounfou, the Berber word for relaxation, describes the Kasbah Tamadot beauty treatment rooms perfectly.
Asounfou incorporates the indoor pool, five treatment rooms, a sauna and a traditional Moroccan Hammam.
Guests can indulge in a wonderful range of treatments using exclusive products, including Yon Ka and Aromatherapy Associates. Weather permitting, there is an outdoor treatment room set up in the grounds, perfect for couples who like a simultaneous massage. The view over the mountains is fantastic!
Situated by the main pool, the fully equipped gym offers a stunning view at the Atlas mountains.
Kasbah Tamadot has two floodlit tennis courts, with racquets and tennis balls available at the Reception.

How to get there?
Arriving at Marrakech airport The Kasbah offers transport by 4WD vehicle, well
air-conditioned and equipped with enough cold water to get you through the trip at any weather condition.

But however, if you want to arrive in style, you can choose for a direct helicopter flight that will get you there in about 20 minutes!
The Kasbah offers a guest/ employee ratio of 2:1 and this reflects of course in the price. One might as well take the option for the Heli flight don't you think?
See you for dinner? Insha'Allah

p.s. and....pst next time...I will reveal a really magical spot, where Richard Branson adviced the owner to please not change anything and keep the authenticity. And that is just the way it should remain....Magic and Moving....

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March 11, 2013


Even though they do not fly, of all Moroccan carpets are the Beni Ouarain Rugs my favorites. The sober color pattern and the strictly geometrical motifs make these 100% wool rugs a beautiful eye catcher in a modern interior.

The large diversity in dimensions make them well fitted for both a long narrow hallway and a spacious living room.
Today's Moroccan women weavers continue to use ancient methods to weave the rugs. Soft and plush Moroccan Beni Ouarain tribal rugs are woven exclusively with an ivory background with abstract geometric motifs of high quality un-dyed natural wool
The tribal rugs from the northeastern altitudes and colder climate, present a more subtle tradition. Woven from un-dyed, natural wool, the field is cream and the decoration is picked out in delicate lines of brown.

The weaver has a painstaking job that will take months if not years, to complete. Using their design as a complete reference, the weaver builds the rug from thousands of individually tied knots made with the help of a loom.

Are you looking for an Eye catcher? 

After putting such a beauty in your home, why not finish the look with some Moroccan lamps?

 Hoewel ze niet vliegen, zijn van alle Marokkaanse tapijten de Beni Ouarain Rugs mijn favorieten. Het sobere kleurpatroon en de strikt geometrische motieven maken deze 100% wollen tapijten een mooie blikvanger in een modern interieur.

De grote diversiteit in afmetingen maken ze goed geschikt voor zowel een lange, smalle hal  als een ruime woonkamer.
De Marokkaanse vrouwelijke wevers blijven oude methoden gebruiken voor het weven van de tapijten. Zachte en wollige Marokkaanse Beni Ouarain tribale tapijten worden uitsluitend geweven met een ivoren achtergrond met abstracte geometrische motieven van niet-geverfde natuurlijke wol
van hoge kwaliteit.
De tribale tapijten uit het hoge noordoosten en kouder klimaat, tonen een meer subtiele traditie. Geweven van niet-geverfd, natuurlijke wol, met roomkleurige achtergrond en motieven in delicate lijnen van bruine wol.
De wever heeft een moeizame taak die maanden zo niet jaren in beslag neemt.

Met behulp van
het ontwerp als enige referentie bouwt ze het tapijt op van duizenden individueel gebonden knopen gemaakt met de hulp van een weefgetouw.

March 10, 2013


Still less then a week to go before arriving! Are you following up on the Gazelles?

WHO wants to join my team next year? Let me know!

This is really something for Desert DIVA'S who like adventure!
The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is a rally which is held in the deserted parts of southern Morocco.
This year the Rally will take place between 15 and 30 March. Starting in Paris and the finish-line in Essaouira on the Atlantic coast in southern Morocco.

A total of about 2,500 kilometers through dried-out river beds, shock absorber-busting stony plains and the sandy dunes of the western Sahara desert have to be covered by the teams with only a compass and a 1:100,000 scale map to plot their route between checkpoints. GPS, and any kind ofbinoculars and cell phones are forbidden items. The winner is not the fastest team but the one which has traveled the least number of kilometers on the onboard odometer between checkpoints within a given time frame (distance driven minus straight-line distance). Penalty kilometers are allocated for missed checkpoints and requests for technical assistance. For safety reasons, the teams are constantly monitored by a satellite tracking system.
Dominique Serrr, head of the operating agency Maïenga, organized the first women’s rally in 1990. Initially planned as an image campaign and to dispel prejudices, today the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is one of the most important motor sport events in France.

The 2009 rally took place under the patronage of his Majesty, the Moroccan King Mohammed VI on the occasion of his tenth year of reign. King Mohammed VI had - much to the opposition of the fundamentalists and Islamist conservatives – reformed and liberalized family law in favour of women by creating a new family code, the Mudawana, during his 10 years of rulership.

MAÏENGA and the RALLY AÏCHA DES GAZELLES are now officially certified ISO 14001:2004. The Rallye Aïcha des gazelles is the only rally to obtain ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Certification in 2010. This international standard guarantees that MAÏENGA has introduced an Environmental Management System (EMS) for integrating environmental policy into its actions and its global management strategy. MAÏENGA’s Environmental Management System was audited by VERITAS, accredited independent certification body, which also audited the Rallye itself, on location in Morocco, to verify the event’s conformity to the EMS. ISO 14001 certification is based on the identification of environmental impacts, possible solutions for improvement, and the introduction of suitable processes.
There is no prize money up for grabs for the participants. “The rally isn’t just any other race – it’s a commitment and dedication”, says Dominique Serra.

The money generated helps to finance teams of doctors providing medical care for the population in the remote regions of Morocco.
Annually and with the infrastructure of the Rally, a medical caravan, including a mobile clinic with 8 doctors, cares for the rural population.
In addition, aid for children’s education has been set up as well as aid for an orphanage for children under six years of age.

March 06, 2013


When it comes to taking a bath or a shower, it all depends on. What kind of person or you?
Bath or shower?
And even more... What style do you prefer. I could imagine guys go for the clean and less is more style but women, well I'm not sure...
So please tell me, what number is your favorite?

ps. I do appreciate your feedback for a guesthouse issue that I m working on...
Please fill out the form at:

Als het op baden aankomt zijn de meningen verdeeld. Welk type ben jij?
Bad of douche?
En meer nog...welke stijl draagt jouw voorkeur weg. Ik heb zo een gevoel dat mannen eerder voor de strakke less is more stijl gaan, maar vrouwen...ik kan er geen hoogte van krijgen...
Help me even en vertel me welke foto jouw voorkeur geniet?

ps. I kan jullie hulp echt gebruiken voor een gastenhuis waar ik een designissue heb wat de badkamers betreft...
Klik aub even op het formulier!: