February 20, 2013


Another item that I will have in store soon are a select choice of pouffes.

Pouffes should be used wisely otherwise they can become a real clutter in your home.
Don't buy them just because you are in love with the beautiful handcraft. Give them a space, or at least decide 1 thing that you want to use them for...

Here I share some ideas with you.
Pouffes, when not stuffed properly are not comfortable to sit on, but children will LOVE them to play on, roll them around, jump...In a doctors waiting room that was kind of sterile and was in need of a children's corner, I used a whole row against one wall in bright colors. It just flashed the whole room and children were attracted to them immediately!

When you want to use a beautiful hand decorated pouffes like this, you should make it a centerpiece!
Put it in your entrance without much more so every one can enjoy it and you can tell about your latest exotic trip ;) or put it in the middle of your sitting area so you all can enjoy it every time when you want to relax!

Being a real COCO lover I used 2 beautiful decorated pouffes as side tables to a clean black/white bedroom. The beautiful geometrical patterns balance the whole room and give it a delicate eclectic touch of Africa

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