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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

TALKING TILES - Moroccan tiles

zellige, cement tiles, mosaic, bejmat

There are several names on Moroccan tiles and the word Zellige has become the common word for tile here. Quite confusing as I used to call the small square tiles zelliges ...

Fes and Meknes are known for there high quality clay to produce pottery and tiles. Of course, these are the most expensive ones, but also Safi and on small scale Marrakech have tile production.

There is one tile though that has nothing to do with clay and which I love for all the beautiful colours and patterns! We're talking cement tiles

Another tile that is frequently used on floors are Bejmat tiles. In fact the same basic ingredients as the Mosaic and the zellige but in a brick shape and often not glazed and in it's original terracotta colour. You can find them however in any glazed colour you want.

Zellige (Zellij)

Beautiful setting with Zellige tiles from ZocoHome
The square glazed tiles that became very popular worldwide about 10 year ago. They are all handmade and their imperfection is something to consider when you want to apply it. It's this imperfection that gives the tile its characteristic beautiful look but you might not want to use it in areas that need a lot of maintenance.


zellige, cement tiles, mosaic, bejmat
Classical Moorish patterns on floor and wall
Mosaic tiles are Zelliges cut into small pieces and put together in Moorish, Islamic patterns to create breath taking interiors. The art of making these mosaics you can admire in all Moroccan cities. Small workshops with men on the floor, mastering the technique of cutting the smallest pieces one by one and then putting them together like a puzzle!


zellige, cement tiles, mosaic, bejmat
Green glazed Bejmat tiles in fish bone pattern at le Jardin Secret
The ways to put bejmat tiles seem to be endless. From fish bone or straight to all kinds of combinations from natural unglazed ones with a colourful square heart of the pattern. 

Cement Tiles

Zellige, Bejmat, cement tiles, mosaic
Colourful cement tile floor at Max&Jan Medina
cement tiles have to grow on you! Not only do they get more beautiful with ageing, but I'm every time again excited to try out another pattern, another colour and create magic! It's a fairly cheap way to create astonishing homes, however you have to realise that they are quite thick and heavy. So count with about 7 cm of space to put them (screed+tile)

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

DJEANN MARRAKECH - a story about life after the jeans

Marrakech Shopping tour
There is life after jeans, called DJEANN

When solidarity and recycling become MUST HAVE objects for your interior

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DESIGN IN MARRAKECH - the newest Concept Stores to discover.

trendsetters, Marrakech, design,
left: Djeann - upper right: my former office in Belgium  - down right: Anitan

Spotting design in Marrakech means keeping your finger on the pulse!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5 PERFUMES FROM MARRAKECH - Exclusive scents, not only for Valentine.

perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
be exclusive with an excotic perfume made in Marrakech

I have a new love! It's called Amman and it's a girlpower proof perfume. 

Friday, December 22, 2017


A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

Today is Guéliz' day because we love that city district! It's all about that little French touch that we love so much. About art, design and style.
Guéliz ( the name comes from the French word Église, meaning church ) is along the big Avenue Mohamed V. When the weather is sunny but not too hot, it's a nice walk from the Médina all the way there. But remember you'll have some shopping to do and you might want to consider a taxi.

Friday, December 15, 2017

HISTOIRE DE FILLES - a beautiful collection

fashion, moroccan design, moroccan hipster, anaouras, choukrane
Today, while I was patiently waiting to show the new collection of our Essaouira women's cooperative Anaouras at Histoire de Fille, I had some time to soak up the beautiful design they have!

Thursday, December 14, 2017


rain route Marrakech
photographer unknow, styling by coco-morocco

What an unpleasant surprise when you are visiting a city that almost always enjoys sunshine. Fortunately, there is more than enough to escape to and if you are lucky, you picked a riad that you want to enjoy with a good book and some mint tea...
In case you want to hit town, follow me!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

5 BOOKS ABOUT MOROCCO to add to your Santa list

Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

Hello dear readers,
it's been a while! Winter came, also to Marrakech, and with the cold from the High Atlas and the first snow on the Mountain tops ( how I love that view) came also a flue that kept me in bed for almost two weeks.

Time for me to think and make my wish list for Santa!

Books... I was able to sell my precious collection of designer objects when I moved with one container to Morocco but ' NOT WITHOUT MY BOOKS'
I know, I don't have space for this whole library, but i have the pleasure of diving into these boxes every now and then and see a book i had almost forgotten about. Then it's time to showcase it for a while and spend some cosy evening looking at pictures, pleasing the soul...

so, if you happen to know another bibliophile that happens to love is my top 5 on books to make him or her happy!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


cool designer shoppping Marrakech

About a year ago we spotted a new trend that was getting stronger. As a designer, it was again hip and a must do to show your brand in the Medina or Guéliz. We're talking Marrakech and we're talking about small, well designed stores that make a refreshing difference in the lined up '100 in a row' small shops.
article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE

Sunday, November 19, 2017

THE SUNDAY DEAL - a stunning Beni Ouarain runner.

Moroccan carpet
Sunday evenings are the last cosy hours, at home, somewhere out having family time, or simply enjoying your own company before working week starts again. We thought of putting an extra dimension to this by starting a new tradition.  
Every Sunday we add an item to our shop that we offer for 24 hours at a special deal price!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


COCO-Morocco, Countryside, Ghent, Gent

What if we would embrace some Wabi Sabi in our life?

5 years already!
Of living in Morocco observing trends. 5 years of buying and sourcing interior items for Internationals while comparing the Western design trends with what we can offer from the souks..

5 years also of procrastinating my wish to attend Countryside Ghent.

Sunday, September 03, 2017


Country side Gent, coco-morocco

An impression of what we will have in our trunk!

Friday, August 04, 2017

SUITCASE SOUVENIRS - Must pack number 1

Shopping in Marrakech

Baboosh or Babouche
No matter the spelling, you need to be wearing it !

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Do you feel there was some empty space in that Christmas stocking?
Wee...folks, here we are to fill this emptiness with free gifts from the souks. Stop eating turkey and look out for our daily gifts to welcome 2017 in style! (unfortunately we can only send presents to Europe for FREE)
What do you have to do?
Everyday we post a photo with the DATE. This exact same photo is HIDDEN in one of our other posts of 2016.

Was er nog ruimte in je Kerst sok? Geen probleem, hier komen we met gratis (YEP helemaal gratis gifts) tot op oudejaarsavond.
Dus hou op met je vol te proppen met resten kalkoen en ga op zoek!
Iedere dag posten we een foto met een datum. Exact dezelfde foto zit verstopt in Een van de artikels van 2016.

1) FIND the article
2) MAIL us the link to this specific article.
3) we will notify and list all the winners around January 15th.

Hunting ends on January 7th. We will contact and announce the winners January 15th.

DAY 1:
Win a set of 2 adorable lemon wood spoons.

free gifts
photo from our Moroccan whites moodboard

free gifts

DAY 2:
Win a lovely Moroccan goat hide (70 by 50 cm) to spice up your interior
free gifts
this photo from ELLE decoration
free gifts

DAY 3:
A collectors item and you can't have enough! A leather bracelet in a colour of your choice!

DAY 4:
A lovely felted money purse for you!
free stuff, freebie
a pictre from our Moroccan whites moodboard
free stuff, freebie

DAY 5:
A pompon keychain to pimp up coming home ;)

Free stuff, freebie
Free stuff, freebie

DAY 6:
Our last give-away for the year! well.....we kind of keep it a surprise :) But , you can already hunt this photo among our articles from the past year :)  Happy hunting!!

article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

INTERIOR DESIGN HELP - 7 ways to mix 'African' style into your Nordic home

moroccan blankets, moroccan cushions, tadelakt, moroccan towels
Casa Cook hotel Rhodes

article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE
English down

Still impressed by this new hotel in Marrakech, and still a die hard fan of La Famille we 'll take you on a interior design help tour, if only virtual, to show you ways to take home some of this and mix it with a Nordic style interior. The number of Moroccan interior design stores in the Netherlands is growing fast and Belgium is coming after but that might soon be different we have from a reliable source! so you do not REALLY have to take that lamp of half the size of the cockpit on that flight home. Unless you REALLY can't resist of course 😏. Therefore, hurray the Scandinavian style but 'never' without a touch of Moroccan sun, lazy vibe and 'je m'en fou' attitude.

What country are you from and do you have Moroccan interior design available to decorate? 

Nog steeds onder de indruk van dit nieuwe hotel in Marrakech, en ook wel nog altijd zwaar fan van La Famille gaan we deze week op zoek om dit gevoel ook mee naar huis te nemen.  Het aantal Marokkaanse interieur winkels in Nederland is ruim en ook België timmert heel erg aan de weg hebben we uit goede bron!  Je hoeft dus ECHT niet met die halve cockpit van een lamp op die vlucht.  Tenzij je natuurlijk ECHT niet kan weerstaan 😏.  Daarom, lang leve de Scandinavische stijl maar 'never' zonder een vleugje Marokkaanse zon, lazy vibe en je m'en fou. 

wicker lamps, moroccan built in sofa, moroccan pottery
 What's Moroccan here? Well...what's not!? This table, the lamp, the wooden pots and the fixed corner sofa. Jalla that's Maroc!

wicker lamp, old moroccan pottery
Casa Cook hotel Rhodes
And yep, this lamp again ! But notice the old pottery! So Moroccan (but not cheap) 😑

moroccan wicker baskets
A house my style! something in between a Belgian farmhouse and a Moroccan cage house!

moroccan blanket, seagrass basket with plant
HK living. Shoot by Paulina Arcklin
Go safe and just add a carpet and a basket ! (love the basket! )

wicker lamp, moroccan chairs, moroccan hat, moroccan throws
Coté Maison
One of my favourites! look the simple way the wiring is fixed! So Moroccan.Although this lamp is not from here!  But the chairs, the blankets, the table (think I might have 6 of these :) Ready for a mint tea?
placemats, lamps, chairs, wicker
These lamps are really popular right now and even Ikea (yes yes we finally have ikea in Morocco) has them for a while already. But if you can go for the real stuff. Less perfect, more soal!

picture credits: All photos were found on pinterest but even after sourcing we did not find all the real sites, nor photographers. We welcome any help on this!

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

MOROCCAN BAGS - Fashion from the souks

moroccan bags, bohemian bags,

article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE
English down

Meisjes, wij houden van een beetje kleur nietwaar?

Maak een statement met één van de prachtige tassen uit de soeks hier. Ik krijg als speurder voor trendy items vaak foto's doorgestuurd van prachtige dingen die helaas niet hier gemaakt worden. Vandaar dat ik een moodboard heb klaargemaakt voor jullie met wat er WEL te vinden is.
Vlug naar Pinterest dus!

Girls, raise your hand if you're in for some colour!

Make that statement with one of these treasures from the souks. As a product sourcer I often get people sending me pictures on what they want. Often I have to disappoint them while I can see it's no Moroccan patterns or finishing details. show you what you DO can expect here, I made this little moodboard to show and inspire you.
Hop on over to Pinterest

And if you get inspired....drop us a line :) using our new pop up frame to make it easyyyyyyy.
bye for now, running late for one of my last FIFM competing films 😎

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Sunday, November 27, 2016


presents from the souks of Marrakech

English down

Zondagen zijn voor munt thee en cupcakes. (is daar eigenlijk een Nederlands woord voor?)
Wollen sokken en glamour. Dromen en plannen...
Plannen met de feesten in het verschiet? Right! We snappen het!
Onze favoriete vondsten in de souks. Wij zochten ze voor jullie op online!

Happy  s u n d a y reading!

Sundays are for Mint tea and cupcakes. Socks and glamour. Dreams and planning.
Planning right now might be finding some nice gifts for your dear ones.
Our favourite SOUK treasures for little girls. We found them for you online!
Happy  s u n d a y reading! 

1 - a carpet is a more expensive but ever lasting gift. this lovely Azilal comes from cococarpets
2 - a friend for life is these small dromadelires made from recycled fabric. Made by Pascalemetlesvoiles

3 - soft leather dream babouches for inside. These ones by Bohemia Design
4 - to write in style. Traditional Bic pens are covered with threads of cactussilk.  We found them here online Dar Amina
5 - for small treasures, these wicker and or palmleaves baskets. Available at Leif Shop

And remember! If you don't find it online - we can source it for you!

   article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE

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Monday, November 14, 2016


design, shopping, essaouira
Here is free gift number 5: A colourful pompon hanger

English down
Zelfs als je in Marokko woont, dan kan het altijd nog wat Afrikaanser.
Als je de winkel van Maridadi binnenstapt weet je precies wat we bedoelen.
Kleurrijke Afrikaanse stoffen en even kleurrijk design.
In een zijstraatje van Avenue Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Rue Koweit, bijna in de Mellah.
Dit gedeelte van de Medina is aan een merkwaardige opkomst begonnen. Het ene trendy merk na het andere begint hier met originele winkeltjes waar je de meest authentieke spullen en souveniers kan vinden. Een andere favoriet is de Italiaanse juwelier.
design, shopping, essaouira

Maridadi is het 'kindje' van Allison Jones, die eigen ontwerpen mengt met verkoopbare spullen die ze mee neemt van op haar reizen. Het is moeilijk om je niet te laten verleiden door al die leuke portemoneetjes, kleedjes en hebbedingen. 
wij gaan terug voor één van die leuke vissen!
design, shopping, essaouira

Even when you live in Morocco, it can always get a little more African. 
When you see the colourful fabrics in the small Maridadi boutique you know what we mean!
Just off Avenue Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, close to the Mellah area, in Rue Koweit.
This part of town is suddenly becoming the more hip and fashionable area with a trendy Italian jeweller, two edgy designer boutiques with Moroccan designers and this little jewel created by Allisson Jones.
design, shopping, essaouira

Own design mixed with items she sources on her travels. It's hard to leave without buying something. We did, but we will be returning soon for one of these lovely fishes 😉
design, shopping, essaouira

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Saturday, September 03, 2016


Marrakech souks
photo credit Sahar
(English down)
Als de Souks van Marrakech je letterlijk en figuurlijk te heet worden dan is er voor het figuurlijke deel nu een geweldige oplossing!  Ze heet Sahar en ze heeft me alweer een andere kant van de Red City laten ontdekken.  Sahar verhuisde vanuit de States naar Marrakech en zoals met velen, het was liefde op het eerste gezicht.

Al vlug erfde ze ook de passie voor 'junken' van de plaatselijke bevolking.  Oude versleten en afgeleefde gebruiks artikelen omvormen tot iets helemaal anders.  De Marakshi's verwezen haar door naar de lokale buurt en de vlooienmarkt van Bab El Khemis.  Daar ging een grot van ali Baba voor haar open.
Souks of Marrakech
photo credit Sahar
Souks of Marrakech

Vorige week, in een verzengende hitte ging ik met haar op pad!  Ik wist niet wat ik zag.  Alles wat er in de souks wordt aangeboden en nog veel meer.  Prachtige oude antieke deuren (ja riadJardinSecret, en DarBineBine, nu weet ik waar jullie mooie deuren en interieurstukken vandaan komen!).  Art Deco meubelen van oude hotels in Casablanca.  Vintage vijftiger jaren lampen, tafels, stoelen.  Maar ook aardewerk, interieur spullen, korven....
Het grote verschil met de toeristen souks? 
Ja, je raadt het al. De sfeer!
De gemoedelijkheid van de hele buurt. Het gevoel dat je op je gemak alles kan bekijken en je niet verplicht moet voelen om iets te kopen.
Souks of Marrakech

Souks of Marrakech

Sahar is ondertussen een echte 'connaisseur' geworden. Op afspraak geeft ze een tour met haar favoriete adresjes. Een ECHTE aanrader om het andere soukgevoel te ontdekken!
Het onderhandelen, daar ontkom je helaas niet aan, maar dat, is de ziel van het kopen en verkopen hier in Marokko!
Souks of Marrakech

Ever felt the heat shopping the Marrakech' souks was too hard to bare? I mean the heat of the pushy shop assistants and their 'must buy' attitude. Well, there happens to be a magical solution to it and her name is Sahar!

Sahar is a real Junker, turning trash into unique pieces of ...anything you want. A passion that grew on her after she had moved to Marrakech from the States.
In her search for these one of a kind trash items, some locals told her about the flea market and the local souk area of Bab El Khemis.
This was like discovering the Treasure room of Ali Baba.

Souks of Marrakech

Souks of Marrakech
Anything you could dream of and lots more were there in a calm and serene atmosphere. No need to run away from those pushy shop assistants.  It became her weekly addiction and she started to map the most important and to her most valued shops.
If you want to experience this souk life for some hours, she is more than happy to take you to her favourite shops and source with you if you are looking for something special. Just contact her here to know what's possible.
Souks of Marrakech

Souks of Marrakech

Souks of Marrakech

Souks of Marrakech
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