Our Daily plan tries to give you some hints on what to do, where to eat, according to what's hot, weather conditions and how lazy we feel (or not 😆 )Always check closing days when you want to do the tour on another day!
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Saturday Dec. 2

Happy Saturday folks! Marrakech is back in a good mood with happy vibes and sunshine! Want to know what we have on the planning today?

08:00 delay the breakfast or skip at the hotel!
Dive into the city and catch that spirit before it wakes up! We're on our way to Jardin Majorelle. Dress warm and in layers because the early morning is cold but soon temperatures will be rising!

Le Jardin Secret; a must see
Le Jardin Secret

09:30 Jardin Majorelle is the best at an early morning, when almost no one is there! Go and enjoy the birds, the silence and an excellent moment for some great photos.

11.00 Time for a late breakfast, or why not make it a brunch? Let's head for the Médina again and take a seat at a rooftop! Full sun or shadow, depending on how warm it is. As we are to discover Riad Laarous, I would recommend Atay Café. Starting with some good juices, reading a book, taking beautiful photos on 'maybe' the first snowy mountaintops of the year, and have their delicious lunch. We always make it a buffet mixing several dishes together.

Atay Cafe Food is the perfect place to unwind
Atay Cafe Food
13.30 Riad Laarous district is becoming very popular for trendy brands. Max & Jan's concept store is by far the most posh but there are many more to discover. Wonder around between Atay and Le Jardin Secret!

16.00 Time for some culture. Le Jardin Secret is a must see! I strongly recommend you to go and look at both of their films first before looking at the garden. It will give you a total different perspective on what you see!

17.30 Apero at Café Arabe. Just cross the street from Le Jardin Secret and have a sunset drink! sunset is at 17.30 (05:30 p.m.)

19.00 There are plenty of places around. Depending if you want alcohol or not. 
Le Jardin is nice, but no alcohol and only outside. You check if you think it's too cold.
Terrace des épices is also very beautiful, good food and service and with an alcohol licence. Only outside dining.
Café Arabe offers both, inside and out and they have a alcohol licence.

Friday Dec. 1

well, we're happy we got the rain behind us and go and let's make it a great cloudy day!!

09:00 breakfast at the hotel.

Grand Café de la Poste
Grand Cafe de la Poste

10:30 Today is Guéliz' day because we love that city district! We start at Le Musée YSL to set the topic of today! 'STYLE'

11.30 We still have time for that other gem, The carpet store of Soufiane Zarib and we'll head over to Majorel 33, ignoring The Majorelle gardens as these are so much more beautiful on a bright ans sunny day. .  (and if possible already around 9a.m.)

14.00 If you are a lover of architecture, and especially art-deco architecture, then you would love to take a walk after lunch through the old part of Guéliz. You will discover some real beautiful architecture there! Don't miss Cite Fouque, one of the few, if not the only untouched streets of old Guéliz.

Cite Fouque
cité Fouqué
15.00 We explore Guéliz and have some serious shopping to do! beautiful designer stores, gallery's, tea and coffee houses...central street is Rue de La Liberté on both sides of Mohamed V and you can wonder off quite far discovering yet another trendy little boutique.

18.30 Apero at le 68 Bar à Vin. This trendy spot is located on Rue de La Liberté!

20.00 Let's go La Poste! Grand café de la Poste is an option for me at any given moment a day! But the real art-deco, colonial spirit it reveals a night. Soft jazz Music, candle light, good service and good food. We said STYLE was our theme, no?

Thursday Nov. 30

What an unpleasant surprise when you are visiting a city that almost always enjoys sunshine. So let's focus on some inside activities.

xx:xx lazy breakfast at the hotel.

Spa at La Maison Arabe
La Maison Arabe
11:00 Go for the Forfait Impérial at Maison Arabe. It's the best Spa treatment I had here on many levels.

13.00 Lunch is included  (and fantastic)

14.30 Have a stroll in the neighbourhood and don't forget the shops of Valéry Barkowski and the magic wonderworld of Mustapha Blaoui 

Musée Boucharouite
Musé Boucharouite
17.00 There's still time for some culture! Go and get taken away by the wonderful carpet reading at Musée Boucharouite, a unique, ornate space showcasing the intricate art of Moroccan rugs & the stories behind them.
Address: 107 40000, Derb al Cadi, Marrakesh

18.30 Have apero somewhere warm, I can suggest to go straight to Le Trou au Mur and look for a cosy place around the fire. While you're there, I strongly recommend you to stay for dinner too!!

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