Tribal chic, Ethnic chic, wabi sabi

is all about...
  • pure, ethnic handmade goods.
  • as much as possible following the fair trade spirit.
  • empowering women in earning a living.
Black and white with earth tones and local materials. Some designs are made by us, some designs we select as a trendspotter.

Twice a year we update our collection with seasonal items. (spring-summer and autumn-winter)
Our collection is handmade and therefor products are all unique and may differ somewhat in size.

We never forget to put a dot of colour to share the real Moroccan flair!


if you are interested in distributing our collection, we will send you our catalogue with our wholesale prices and our way of working for you as a wholesale shopper here in Morocco.



contact info:       Whatsapp 06-52591801    Mobile 06-52591801

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