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Photo at Riad Palacio de las Especias in Marrakech. Just one of the beautiful riads that will host us

Interior styling and shopping holidays in Marrakech.

  • learn to create your own style
  • Create moodboards on and off line
  • Learn how to pick quality goods in the souks
  • Get to know all the best addresses in town
  • Have wonderful encounters with fellow participants
  • Enjoy the best rooftops of Marrakech
  • and much much more....

..."Marlène, your were great! I had a hard time adapting from structured Japan to hectic Marrakech.Thanks to you I adored the shopping moments...  THANK YOU"
Kyoko - Tokyo, Japan

"...She is a fantastic source for information of any kind, no matter if the topic is best places for shopping, nicest restaurants, beautiful rooftops for a sundowner or the best souks...a brainstorming about how we would like to feel in our homes... It really cleared my mind and I was happy about her professional remarks and advices!...She took us to a breathtaking carpet souk in the medina (of whom she seems to know most of the owners), and nowhere we had the feeling that anybody expected or urged us to buy anything ..."
Karin Kamolz- Germany

"I deeply valued your negotiation skills and the story behind getting the deal.I learned to enjoy the art!"
Liesbeth v. B.- Singapore

What you will learn:

  • An insight in Moroccan crafstmanship (carpets, lamps, metalwork, rattan, woodwork...)
  • Tips to select quality  and objects that add value to your home.
  • The best addresses in Marrakech, and these are not always in the souks!
  • One on one personal styling assistance for your home.
  • To use my 25+ years of expertice, working with clients restoring farmhouses into private mansions. Controling and managing the project from the first drawing to the shopping of their table ware.
  • To take benefit of my knowledge of Marrakech. It's after all the city that's my home and where I'm running around for 5+ years by now, discovering riads, shops, rooftops and so much more...
  • My profound knowledge between average and quality.
  • The way of negotiating to a win win result.

"Just want to thank you SO VERY MUCH for making my Morocco experience one filled with positive, beautiful memories that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life."
Robin Bonner - Washington D.C, US

What to expect:

  • Informative - Entertaining and Inspiring days.
  • Tons of practical tips and insights.
  • Daily workshops and shopping tours to start creating yourself.
  • Discover the city of Marrakech.
  • Play around and experience our tips and tricks inside a beautifully restored riad in the medina.
  • Sunset drinks, magical gardens, breath taking rooftops, luxury hammam treatments...
  • A personal follow up.
Become an expert and discover your signature style!

"I come back :)
So much more to shop.  So much more to discover.  In love with your concept and...the red city"
Sal. - London, UK

Marlene was a fabulously knowledgeable sourcing guide. She unerringly tailor made a custom itinerary for me, and very quickly honed in on what would best appeal to my aesthetics and style. I would have never found the secret shops and suppliers we visited...The places to buy the best of what was available... Easy & smooth bargaining & payment....
The only issue was that our time together was entirely too successful, I had to buy extra luggage to carry my purchases home, with further orders shipped!! 
A Wilson - London, UK 

In Marrakech at another moment? Make sure you shop where it matters!

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