Discover,  Live & Enjoy your own interior style!
  • Are you at that point in life, where you want to make some drastic changes to your 'home'?
  • Are you more and more convinced, while looking at your interior, that this was not really the plan?
  • Do you feel you would like a little kick start?
  • Here it is, and it is beyond magic!
  • There is only one simple question...↓↓↓
  • Are you ready to reveal the creator within you and enjoy some time in true magic while creating bliss at home?

We guarantee you:
  • A start through to your ultimate bliss interior. Whatever that would mean to you!
  • 'aha' moments with our tribe members in Marrakech, all ready to re-discover the love for their home.
  • The roadmap to create your unique bliss place and (re)-define your signature style!
  • Online follow-up sessions that will get you to success!

What can you expect?

  • Informative - Entertaining and Inspiring days.
  • Tons of practical tips and insights.
  • Discover the city of Marrakech.
  • play around and experience our tips and tricks inside a beautifully restored riad in the medina.
  • Sunset drinks, magical gardens, breath taking rooftops, luxury hammam treatments...
  • Online follow up.
  • And soon... a lifetime access to this wonderful tribe of people on our FB group....
Become an expert in defining what it is that your home needs to turn it into your nest.

Let's find it, let's live it, let's enjoy it!

Get updates on our next carpet event!

Oct. 22-24   Marrakech Harmonies in Black and White - 550€ shared/ 600€ Single.
Contact us for the SPECIAL FRIENDS DEAL!
Nov. 17-24  Marrakech Magical Lighting for the Holidays - 1550€ share
Nov.17-24  Marrakech Magical Lighting for the Holidays - 1650€ single
Dec. 21-27  Marrakech Discover the trends for 2018 - 1670€ shared (online soon)
Dec. 21-27  Marrakech Discover the trends for 2018 - 1780€ single (online soon)

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