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THE GREEN WALK through Marrakech

a green walk in Marrakech
Hang on and discover Green in all its meanings in a walk around Marrakech

Green, a colour that covers so many items nowadays. From being the up and coming new black, to a holistic way of living. From back to nature to what kind of veggies you should eat to live  on trend.
Today we take you on a green tour 'Marrakesh style' From Parks to restaurants, to ancient Islamic techniques and ... cosmetics. O, and somewhere there is fashion in the game too!

My favourite way to do this tour would be with Marrakech Green Wheels, but unfortunately their tours don't cover the Medina (yet). But do visit their site and their wonderful ideology behind the project!

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Always inspiring Jardin Majorelle

- The former home of painter Jacques Majorelle, that became later the Marrakech home for YSL is much more than green. It's a statement of how bright and bold colours can evoke a feeling of peace and joy.
- Go on an early morning, never mind the cold in winter. This park is best before the crowd.
- Take a million pictures. It does not matter that you have the same a 1000 time in google search. THESE ARE YOURS.

Phone: 0 524 313 047


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A concept that's rather new for Marrakech but hugely popular. They opened their second restaurant in Guéliz already.

- Me happy! Finally a hip salad bar with yummy smoothies, a huge assortment on fresh veggies, a nice interior and good service.
- Have fun composing your own signature salad for a fixed price.
- Fastfood style at its greenest.

Phone: 0 524 421 818


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Instand good mood in the cyber park. Lazy Summer Afternoons.

- My favourite "hang out/walk through/check my mail for free" park in the heart of Marrakech.
- Bring a book along, enjoy the shade and spend the afternoon local style.
- Just listen to the birds, smell the orange blossom and fall asleep.

Address: Arset El Bilk, Marrakech ( walk Mohamed V towards Guéliz and cross the street that leads you to The Royal Mansour. You'll see the entrance with a Maroc Telecom office on your right hand)
Phone: 052 431 3047



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The eye just sees what's on the surface here. Go beyond!

- GO AND SEE THE INTRODUCTION FILMS FIRST, Did I mention that you have to LOOK AT THE FILMS FIRST? I don't understand why they have put the location to see and understand the true 'grandeur' of this place all the way to the back but it is crucial in understanding the whole concept.
- Visit the second highest tower in town, after the Koutoubia, and have a magnificent view .
- Become addicted to the great know how and the water system, bringing High Atlas water into the city based on gravity .

Phone: 0 524 390 040


walking, dining, fashion,Marrakech
The perfect hang out place to escape the hectic

- A million shades of green, no better way to get convinced that green works in interior design.
- A real hide-away and for me the perfect spot to have an afternoon coffee with something sweet. Try their Caramelised Pear Tart!
- Did I mention Fashion? Well here it is and it's worth taking the stairs up to Norya ayroN's boutique to see her latest design.

Phone: 0 524 378 295

walking, dining, fashion,Marrakech
One of my clients could not resist the limitted edition of Norya ayroN


walking, dining, fashion,Marrakech
a mix made in heaven on the rooftop of Soufiane Zarib
- The most beautiful contemporary rooftop in town, shades of grey and green mixed with natural tones.
- But of course, you don't come here to look at the rooftop! Invest in a beautiful carpet and discover that the art of carpet weaving is alive and kicking.
- And don't forget to look at the beautiful collection on tribal chic goods!

Address: 16 Riad Laarous, Marrakech
Phone: 0 661 853 487



walking, dining, fashion,Marrakech
Naturom is all handmade , no animal testing and with a holistic approach

- By far the best products for my skin. Try their prickly pear serum. The best!
- 100 % organic.
- Naturom is a whole concept, with an organic garden on the route to Ourika. Workshops, guided tours...Visit their site.

Phone: 0 524 383 784

MAP (copy Google Maps)


A way around town from number 1 to 7

Make sure you shop where it matters!

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